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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes

By Arch Stanton


Yesterday a young man came to the door with a seemingly innocuous survey. Ostensibly funded by a regional group of small businessmen, the survey questions were all very non-specific save one, a very pointed question about gun control versus support for the second amendment. This incident led me to write the following:

Jews have a penchant for gathering information. The concept began with the Jew’s monotheistic, all seeing, all knowing, omnipotent god, a god supported by Cherubim with eyes all over their bodies, changing direction while always facing straight ahead.

The Jewish movie “V for Vendetta” clearly shows how information is used. The point is made clear in those scenes where surveillance vans are driving around listening to conversations so the leadership can accurately assess the public’s mood and plan accordingly.

Information and its control provides the greatest power for an enemy. That is why the military keeps everything secret; keep the enemy guessing and use false information to misdirect enemy resources. This is an ancient concept is clearly delineated by Sun Tzu in his book the “Art of War”. When they know what you are thinking and what you are doing, they can plan counter action accordingly.

There is now constant blathering about what is effectively non-existent privacy and the terror of overt/covert data-mining. Yet the fact is the goyim willingly provide large amounts of valuable information without even being aware of their actions. Perhaps the most valuable information provided is through the vote.

When you vote, you provide the Jews two very valuable services. First, you validate their corrupt political system. Essentially the message every voter delivers is, “I believe in the system and I will continue to work within it.”

This is why the vote is so important to the Jews and why every election cycle is accompanied by constant harping to “get the vote out”, without any interest in swaying voter direction. This is also why the communist Jews made the vote mandatory in the old Soviet Union despite the fact that there was only one party and often only one candidate presented to the voters.

They do not care how you vote, only that you vote.

The second service the vote provides is that of allowing Jews an accurate assessment of where the goyim herd stands on critical issues, how many support their agendas, like queer rights, and how many are dissatisfied with these current trends.

Is gun control gaining? Just check the voting rolls! One of the primary reasons for the slaughter of the Branch Davidians at Waco, was to test public reaction to military troops attacking civilians. It posed the question, will the public call the Posse Comitatus act into account? ( Or would they accept the idea of a national security override? This attack provided justification for action against a growing militia movement. Later, the destruction of the Murrah building in Oklahoma city served to vindicate the government action against the militias, a move that began with Randy Weaver in Idaho.

The information gleaned from these staged crises led to the ultimate staged crisis: the attack on the New York Trade Towers. Note the Jew’s messaging service, Odigo, warned Jews working in those buildings of the pending disaster. Once again information played a critical role in serving the Jew’s agenda.

Randy Weaver led to Waco. Waco led to the Murrah building. The Murrah building led to the Trade Towers. Ultimately, the Trade Towers led to the buildup of the current terrorist police state in the name of the “national security” state, a state that, like its deceased Soviet cousin, keeps everything secret.

Finally, another important feature is that the vote provides a “relief valve” for those who like to believe that “their vote counts.” Though their vote ultimately counts for nothing, given that both main parties are almost identical and under Jewish control, these simpletons like to believe that they are important cogs in the democratic wheel who have helped to usher in the new government. By voting they have in effect given their consent to the new regime, even though the party they voted for may have lost.

I urge everyone to stop voting, and to stop supplying the Jews with the kind of information that helps them to manipulate us.
Do not vote. Do not respond to queries, opinion polls or surveys. Do not protest or go on demonstrations. Do not use the social medias, do not tweet or use Facebook.
In a word, remain aloof from the entire political process.
Silent and legal non-cooperation, let that be your way of showing your contempt for the tyrants who rule over you in the name of a “democracy” that does not exist.
Instead, prudently guard your fireams, just in case you need them for self-defense.

Every time you state your opinion, you are freely supplying critical information to the traditional Enemy that allows him more scope for manipulation. If your Enemy knows how to pinpoint hot spots of discontent, then that is where the lion’s share of his money and effort will go. Don’t tell the Enemy anything! Don’t cooperate with him unless it is compulsory. Keep him guessing at all times so that he has to fritter away his resources to cover all possibilities.

Remember this. You are breaking no laws if you simply stand aloof from the political process. Silent contempt for the ruling classes is not a crime for which you can be convicted, given that silent contempt can never be proved.

Since there is no chance of you getting the Utopia you want, refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes — the Jews — whose only aim is to enslave you and give you dystopia.

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