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Thursday, 21 August 2014


The American media is a hoax machine. That’s all they do nowadays:fake it and make it. The TV-industrial-complex that governs the emotions of millions of “Americans” – including our stranger-neighbors, hostile alien groups, and our family members alike, is a bizarre hybrid of Hollywood productions and “live-on-the-scene” green-screen graphics. It’s all tailored to entrance the weakened human mind – especially after a long day of work or a massive dose of psycho-hypnotics. Our only solace in this department lies in the fact that both television viewership and Hollywood supremacy is in decline.

Pixelated pic of the most prescient MSNBC screen-shot.

But in the Hollywood/TV news world, up is down and white is black.

As the riots spread, a wave of race-crime is sweeping DC. Of course, it’s almost entirely black-on-white race-crime. According to government estimates, 90% of inter-race crime is black-on-white. In a sane society, a single death of an innocent white person at the hands of a black mob would incite widespread demands for punishment, justice, social reorganization, just as we observe in Israel when a single Jew is killed by an Arab. – That’s what racial consciousness looks like. But constant harassment by the black/mestizo majority (they are a majority now, you know) has normalized the deaths of dozens of whites every week at the hands of hostile races.

In a recent article, Ann Coulter tears open the chronic mainstream media habit of race-crime hoaxes. Yet my interest isn’t in the current farce that’s being perpetrated by the MSNBC/CNN cultural mafia. My interest is just behind that. It’s in the coverup behind the coverup. This is the desperate and world-wide effort to obscure the reality of human biological diversity.

Many Americans are reawakening to a fact that was common knowledge 60+ years ago. That would be the fact that whites and blacks consist of completely different species.

The recent popularity of “human biological diversity” brings me enormous joy. But I’m still upset by the thin-ice these writers attempt to tread on without melting the whole damn glacier of liberal race-lies into something we can wash downstream. So here it is, broken into a simple analogy…

Africans are to Humans as coyote is to wolf. Sure a wolf or a coyote can breed with a dog, but they’re still a different species. The issue of speciation is a major unaddressed problem in biology. We still don’t know how to properly define a species.

An albino African exposes the strange appearance of the “negroid” body-type 
without the darkened skin we’re accustomed to.

Many American blacks (such as Obama and Eric Holder) are mullatos, they’re half-white. Because The USA operates under the Jim-Crow rule of “one drop” of African blood categorizing a subject as “black,” we are given opportunities to ignore the vast differences of the “races,” and accept certain people as productive blacks awhile ignoring the fact they are hybridized.

Of course there is no possible way to ignore the dramatic differences between white and black behavior. So people are either forced to engage in complex rationalizations and hoaxes designed to cover-up the true nature of the species, or accept the inherent differences while facing the social stigma that comes with being racially conscious about the difference between Homo Sapiens Europa and Homo Sapiens Africanus.

And we need to be very stern about this if we expect to gain any ground whatsoever. The races are inherently different. That difference extends far beyond cultural situations deep into thousands of years of evolution. Insisting on this is one step forward towards reality, a step we must take regardless of the risk of liberal intimidation/terrorism.

So it goes.

Learn more about unanswered questions in evolutionary biology from this study: What is a Species?

Africans are biologically, taxonomically 
different from Europeans.

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