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Saturday, 23 August 2014


Facts are easily discarded when they get in the way of an appealing narrative.

It is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media narrative behind the shooting of Michael Brown is completely false. Brown was no gentle giant, honor student; he did not get attacked out of the blue; he was not surrendering; and he did not die without good reason. But the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, continue unabated and the demands for the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson rise with them.

The media still reports on the rioters as justified protesters fighting against oppression and the wrongful death of a Black martyr. What they are really demonstrating for is an intimidatingly-sized criminal with an incredibly low amount of impulse control and a box of stolen cigars. Their calls for the prosecution of the police officer who shot Brown amounts to a demand that Blacks have the right to steal and attack police without repercussions. Because slavery and Jim Crow, of course.

How can the media continue to perpetuate this false narrative in spite of all of the facts that have now come to light?

Because professional Black journalists like Jamelle Bouie spin a tale that they can't help to jump on aboard with.

In "Why the Fires in Ferguson Won't End Soon," Bouie gives his mostly White liberal audience exactly what they want to hear—that this whole incident is due to evil racist White people:
Talk to anyone in Ferguson and you’ll hear a story about the police. “One of my friends had a son killed by the Ferguson Police Department, about 10 years ago,” said Carl Walker, a Vietnam veteran and former parole officer who came to show his support for demonstrators in Ferguson. “They wouldn’t release the name of the officer who killed him. Why wouldn’t you release the name?”
“The cops said he shot at them—case closed,” said Al Cole, referring to a cousin who was killed by Ferguson police in 2000. “Even as a teenager, 13 or 14 years old, I’ve been slammed on police cars … now I try to avoid riding through Ferguson.”
“Some police say they saw me at a house, pulled me, said I fit a description, locked me up, and found out I was on parole,” said Craig Beck, who was watching demonstrators under the shade of a burned-out QuikTrip convenience store. “They said I threw a plastic baggie, which they didn’t have when they took me into custody.” He continues: “I beat the case, but you know, this isn’t new. This happens every day.”
Everyone—or at least, every black person—can recall an incident. Everyone can attest to friends and relatives who have been harassed, assaulted, or worse by the police.
This nice little fairy tale is its own version of emotional pornography. Let's call it Black outrage porn. These types of stories take a few anecdotes of Blacks saying they got an unfair hand from the police, completely ignores crime statistics that show these young men are far more likely to do no good, and puts all of the blame for why these areas are so shitty squarely on the shoulders of Whites. It vindicates Black anger and indulges the masochistic desires of White liberals to feel bad that their people are just so mean to those wonderful Black people (even when these wonderful Blacks beat and mug them).

While Bouie gets on a high horse on how these young Black men have to face "harassment" from the police and how they comprise the majority of police stops in the area, he doesn't mention how they commit the vast majority of crimes in the area. Maybe the police should stop more well-dressed Whites to please Bouie's sense of injustice.

The Slate writer's piece reaches its most ridiculous level when it gives a "witness" account of what really happened to Michael Brown:
Dorian Johnson was with Brown at the time of the encounter. He was the “other man.” In his account, the two were walking down the middle of the street, having a conversation, when Wilson—the shooter—drove down and told them to “get the f--k off the street.” They continued, he drove off, and a few seconds later, he reversed his car in their direction and opened the door. As Johnson describes it,
“He was so close to us that [the door] … bounced back toward him. At that point, he reached out the window and tried to choke my friend. We were trying to get away, and he tried to pull my friend into the car.”
A few moments later, Wilson pulled out his gun and shot Brown, injuring him.
“We look at [Brown], he was shot and there was blood comin’ from him. … We took off running, and I hid because I feared for my life. My friend took off running, too,” explained Johnson.
Wilson then stepped out of the car, weapon drawn, and shot again.
“Once my friend felt that, he put his arms in the air, and he started to get down, but the officer still approached with the weapon drawn, and he fired several more shots, and my friend died. He didn’t say anything to him, he just stood over him and kept shooting.”
Another witness described a similar scene.
“I know he shot that child, and when he shot him, the little boy fell, then he shot him six more times,” said one woman in an interview with local newscasters.
To residents of Ferguson, in other words, the situation is simple. Michael Brown was executed by an angry cop. You can hear their shock and fear in a video recorded just after the shooting.
“They killed him for no reason … they just killed this nigger for no reason,” said one man.
“Do you see a knife? Do you see anything that would have caused a threat to these motherf--kin’ police? They shot that boy because they wanted to shoot that boy in the middle of the motherf--kin’ day in the middle of the motherf--kin’ street.”
This account is so laughably wrong that any major publication should be ashamed for giving it any credence. They might as well justify the suspicions of this one Alabama town that there is a leprechaun on the loose and he’s stealing all their gold.

But these kinds of stories are what drive the media and keep them perpetuating false narratives. If their professional Black journalists make compelling cases that appeal to their racial views, why question it? Why not use it to further a story that's no longer based on facts but feelings? Because that’s all the Michael Brown story is now based on--feelings. Just like the Trayvon Martin farce.

This is why White liberals get suckered into believing this bullshit. They've been taught all their lives that Blacks were victims and all of their wrongs are really the fault of White people. They've got a right to be mad and attack racist cops. They've got a right to riot. Their dead were always killed unjustly--haven't you heard of Emmett Till? Just give Blacks a chance and they'd all magically turn into millions of Miles Davises.

I'm starting to think the only way these White liberals can be made aware of the truth is for them to spend more time with the Blacks they adore. Move some Section 8 housing next to urban elf enclaves. See how much longer they think the disparity in Black incarceration rates is due to racism in the judicial system.

This is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen and the militarized status quo will continue to prevent most White liberals from coming face to face with America's racial reality.

Bouie concludes that we should expect more rioters "chanting the name of another young black man killed by another agent of the state charged with containing blacks, not protecting them."

I agree. We should expect more cases of Black riots in response to police protecting the rest of society (including White liberals) from their criminality. That's multiracial America for ya.

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