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Friday, 1 August 2014

OUTED PASTOR ELI JAMES and Palestinianization of Planet Earth

The Restoration Hour

Eli James and co-host Jenifer Dixon discuss . . . the Talmudic, Palestinianization of planet earth.


I posted this Podcast before I had listened to it all the way through. Having now listened to it I notice that they deficate on the memory of the Fuhrer by suggesting he was a Zionist (Jew). This is unforgivable but I will not delete it as some of the points they make are sustainable. The fact that they are having a good laugh about people dying is shameful and there appears to be a lot of flirtation going on here. J.H.

Cairo just sent me this image:

Vid of the above Podcast here Spliced to show the relevent anti-Hitler Jew prose/meme: 

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