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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Nazi “shrinks” size up the Jews’ real IQ for God in the so-called Holocaust

"Shrink” or “head shrinker”, slang term for a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist
Okay, so we know the shrunken heads put on display on a table for the press in one of the Nazi concentration camps at the end of the war and brought out as ‘evidence’ of Nazi cruelty in the Nuremberg Trials were likely a hoax, used by the ‘victimized’ Jews to get more sympathy for what they’d of course quite rightly suffered under the Nazis, for their betrayal and murder of God’s righteous Son Jesus Christ and on-going crimes of conspiracy against innocent Gentiles and righteous Christians.

But even if the Buchenwald shrunken heads were real Jewish heads that certainly would’ve been appropriate, because the Jews have of course needed “shrinks” to assess their psychopathy and resize what could be called their “swollen head syndrome”. For the Jews have of course become incredibly arrogant people who vaunt what they say is their “superior intellect or IQ”, as ostensible proof that they’re a God-chosen race or nation; and to convince themselves that they haven’t made an incredibly stupid mistake by rejecting God’s Son Jesus and the gospel of their salvation and that the goyim who’ve received Jesus are the real fools on the planet after all.

Typical Jew arrogance …

Jews use the sign of a skull and crossed bones on the graves of their scholars and rabbis to celebrate the Jewish intellect (housed in a skull) as superior to that of the goyim’s and as a sign that the Jews’ secular science of human reason will ultimately triumph over the cross of Christ, which is called the “wisdom of God” in the New Testament
But getting back to shrunken heads at Buchenwald concentration camp, I really don’t think they were the shrunken heads of Jews; and more likely just simply the heads of pagan people, like the Amazonians, that had been passed to the camp commandant after being acquired by German soldiers from a bombed out pawn shop or museum. Notice that they had little if any resemblance to the Eastern European Jews’ facial features, even though the skull had of course been removed to shrink them; and that they actually looked a lot like shrunken heads on display in what appear to be ordinary stores or museums in the following photos …


Also check out this article …

Contrary to popular opinion, the most important criteria for admission to the Ivy League is not grades, nor SAT scores, nor recommendations, or even essays. The most important criteria is actually race/religion. By claiming to be Jewish, an applicant can increase his chances of admission by up to 15 fold.

While Jewish students comprise only 2% of the American population, they account for 12-15% of the student bodies at Dartmouth, Princeton, and Cornell. And more than 25% of the student bodies of Brown, Columbia and Yale; shockingly, more than 30% of the students at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, are Jewish. The Ivy League, the breeding ground of future leaders, has between 6-15 times Jewish overrepresentation. Most other top American schools have similar Jewish overrepresentation as well.

Theoretically, these lopsided admissions statistics could be explained by a number of factors other than racial/religious discrimination in admissions, such as: A higher value for education among Jewish families, or even superior intellect and abilities. Setting aside the fact that these same elite universities claim that there are no differences in racial intelligence, if one were to accept the research of racial intelligence academics such as Richard Lynn and account for supposed differences in racial intelligence, the ratio of non-Jewish whites to Jews is still astronomically lower than it should be. Accounting for the supposed superior Jewish intelligence, non-Jewish white students should have representation of around 7 to 1 to Jewish students, rather than the current ratio of 2:1 and in some cases 1:1. When sheer ability and qualifications are factored in, Jews are still 1,000% overrepresented. In fact, when it was discovered that Princeton was not favoring Jews in admissions to the extreme that other Ivy League universities were, four front page articles were written in the Daily Princetonian as well as a New York times article to address the “problem”. In one article, a rabbi leading the campaign to ensure maximum Jewish overrepresentation was quoted as saying she, “would love to see 20%” Jewish students, which would be a ten times overrepresentation to their percentage of the population.

Jews predominate in enrolment stats for elite colleges and universities, not because they have a superior intellect, but because sayanim in those institutions favor Jews at the expense of Gentiles; and because Jews know the qualifications those institutions offer guarantee that Jews will get the jobs needed to control the goyim

If the overrepresentation of Jewish students in the Ivy League has little to do with credentials or intelligence, how can we explain the racial disparity? It just so happens that most of the top administrators in the Ivy League are Jewish, and this is likely impacting the admissions process. The following list of names was constructed about two years ago, so some of the administrators may have retired or moved to other roles, but it is unlikely that the overall statistics have changed much. On a side note, these statistics are similar at most top schools in America.
  • Brown’s Chancelor, Thomas Tisch and Provost, David Kertzer are Jewish.
  • Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia, is Jewish.
  • The President of Cornell, David Skorton and the Provost Kent Fuchs are Jewish.
  • Chairmen of the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth, Stephen Madel Jr. is Jewish. And so is the Provost, Carol Folt.
  • The President of Harvard: Drew Faust is married to a Jew: Charles Rosenberg.
  • The provost of Harvard, Steven Hymen, is Jewish.
  • The President of Princeton Shirley Tilghman is married to a Jew named Jospeh Tilghman.
  • Chairmen of the Board of Princeton Stephen Oxman is Jewish and so is the Provost Christopher Eisgruber.
  • The President of UPenn, Amy Gutmann, is Jewish and Vincent Price, the provost, is also Jewish.
  • The Chairmen of the Board of UPenn David Cohen is Jewish.
  • Yale President Richard Levin is Jewish and so is the Provost Peter Salovey.
About 80% of the senior officials in the Ivy League are Jewish or married to Jews; And these Jewish administrators are accepting Jewish students at a ridiculously overrepresented rate, while simultaneously claiming to push diversity on campus. How can there be diversity when a minority group that represents 2% of the population is taking between 12-35% of the places?

Conclusion: When applying to the Ivy League, either claim to be Jewish or married to a Jewish person, or strongly infer that you are Jewish or contemplating converting to Judaism.

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