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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

National Action Holds Birmingham City Centre Meeting!

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Last Saturday saw between 35-40 National Action activists and supporters gather in a Birmingham city centre venue. Speakers included representatives from Sigurd, Western Spring and British Movement.

The delegate from Sigurd spoke on the need to be physically able to defend ourselves from attacks by our political opponents. Furthermore, he expounded on the aesthetic benefits that focusing on physicality can have on both the individual and the collective. There was also a question and answer session afterwards which touched on the upcoming Culture Camp and how physical training had impacted on the ability of the Ukrainian nationalists to effectively challenge a tyrannical government.

Second up was Max Musson from Western Spring. His speech focused on an assessment of how National Action had progressed thus far, together with an appraisal of how a group like ours can fit into a wider, multifaceted movement. Finishing off with reinforcing the need for National Action to maintain its current trajectory and become the nucleus for a real Nationalist street movement.

The last speaker on the bill was Steve Frost from British Movement. Steve’s speech focused on what BM is doing with regards to building the NS counter-culture and on why National Socialism is the only plausible solution to our country’s current ills. The importance of uncompromisingly pushing the 14 words was also heavily emphasised. He mentioned how BM had starting building the foundations of an NS folkish community in the annual Sunwheel festival. A recording of Steve’s speech can be found below:

Future plans for also laid down for continued National Action activities in the Midlands and nationwide. The meeting also facilitated the networking of nationalists from across the country; relations between NA activists and those from other organisations was also solidified. Sales from a literature table selling books and journals more than covered the cost of renting the function hall. The fight for a free, White Britain continues!

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  1. We must attack from several angles. Did Marxist Jews join the Labour party to defend the rights of the White working class? No. But they joined anyway and paid lip service to working class aspirations whilst plotting our racial destruction.

    So by all means join any protest party like UKIP, and pay lip service to what the leadership wants until we dominate a party like that, and if possible report back to a trusted group of like minded brothers.

    Secondly, Jews have worked hard to either take over any media and advertising they can get their hands on or at least fill important editorial and journalistic jobs in those professions - for they know they must control what the target population read, hear and see if they are to keep them pliant whilst executing their racial war plan.

    We must do the same. What people see on television is probably 90% of the conditioning to brainwash Whites into "celebrating" mass immigration of African and Muslim savages.