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Sunday, 31 August 2014


Dog walkers have been left stunned by the discovery of sausages which were laced with nails and scattered around a popular park.

Anti-animal cruelty charity Peta is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit. Around 4000 cooked cocktail sausages embedded with up to ten one-inch long metal nails have been found and could be lethal for any animal attempting to eat them.
Police in Abergavenny, South Wales, have warned dog walkers to be vigilant after the sausages were discovered on playing fields popular with the pet owners.

Peta spokesman Ben Williamson said: 
‘It is imperative that any community faced with such horrific abuse of animals take measures to find the culprit or culprits and stop the violence.
‘Animal abusers are a danger to everyone – they take their issues out on whoever is available to them, human or non-human.’
Vet Ben Hynes said he was ‘shocked and appalled’ after being shown some of the potentially deadly sausages. He added: 
‘Had it not been for these extremely observant people out walking their own dogs, we could have easily seen a spate of dogs facing a slow, but certain death.
‘Luckily we haven’t had any emergencies but if we had, the animals would have been suffering from vomiting, bleeding and I have no doubt the result would have been fatal.
‘There is absolutely no way that this can be anything other than the intention to kill animals.’
One shocked dog walker, who asked not to be named, said he noticed the sun reflecting off a nail in one of the sausages. He said: 
‘My dog, which was on a lead, started to sniff at a sausage on the ground, but I immediately pulled him back when I saw something shining back at me.
‘On closer inspection I realised that it had about nine or ten nails in it and thought that this was no coincidence.
‘I looked around and found a lot more of these sausages – I must have collected close to 40. I have been extra diligent while out walking my dogs since.’
A police spokesman said: 
‘This is a very worrying incident, especially as they are being left on playing fields where not only dogs but children could be harmed by these sausages.’
Upon analysis, this could quite easily be a Left-Wing backed Islamic terror plot. The Islamic extremists realise that it is now increasingly harder to attack our people directly using violence so what better an idea than to attack man’s best friend – dogs.

This is the sort of brutal tactics that one can expect from the Islamic extremist – targeting natures most vulnerable and defenseless creatures using such evil tactics.

This is just the view of this editor, freedom of speech through analysis of these crimes. No doubt this article will be reported to the police for “incitement to racial hatred” but actually we’re not inciting any hatred; we’re merely pointing out that Islamic extremists could well have been behind this terror plot.

The way how we drew to this conclusion was simple; firstly understanding the fact that these “Nail attacks” were in fact a “terror plot” is pivotal in this conclusion. So we’ve therefore established that terrorists were responsible; next we look at the extremists in Britain who have used nails as a means of terror – Islamic extremists.

The other point to note; this is not an article directed towards Muslims; this is an article directed towards Islamic Extremists.


  1. Fucking savagery, where are all the animal protectors, traditionally so antifa now?

  2. Could be the jew or Muslim if they were beef sausages? But this leaves out the elusive greedy pious Hindu. As our politicians constantly tell us---Diversity is so wonderful. This makes me so sikh --Asiatic: halal, kosher butchery has no place in Europe. Can you imagine what would happen if those dead dogs were sent over to Korea.?! The consumers would die of an overdose of iron vitamins! Ironic.