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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Keyboard Warriors and Idiot Leftist/Jew Traitor Trolls

What do I mean by that? Well here's two comments that were posted to this blog tonight:
Anonymous18 August 2014 21:49
Only a supremacist fascist has time to write a blog that spews racism and paranoia. Only a person who is most likely living off of investments or his/her social security payments can find time to apologize for those responsible unnecessary suffering and homelessness of others .
Remember, if it wasn't for Stalin and the Great Red Army doing away with fascists like you there would be no Social Security! It was a way for the capitalist ruling class to keep workers on side and prevent them from following a good example like the great Soviet Union and the Bolshevik revolution. Anything you have heard otherwise is billionaire, ruling class,"BIll Gates" style anti-communist propaganda. Communism is progress. It is the way forward. It is alien to the interests of the masses of people.
Pubic Housing only kept the exploitative capitalist system afloat and now it is being done away with. Why? Because the former Soviet Union is gone. 
It is not the poor who are exploiting you it is the rich and their taxes upon you, their bureaucracy, unemployment, inflationary prices, low wages, high tuition for education, privatized medical care, insurance (which only augments the wealth of the finance capitalists) and in so many other ways. The US state (or government, if you like) serves the financial oligarchy, the wealthy private interests, not working people and the poor, who are also working people. Make no mistake, public services and safety nets like welfare are all being cut ad dismantled by the Obama administration, the leading democrats and republicans. Why, because they are puppets of the billionaire finance industrial class. It is the people on public housing that you need to align yourself with because we have a common enemy, the bourgeoisie!!!! 
Your anger at the poor and minorities is what the ruling class want! That's how they divide us so they can enslave and support us. If people only knew the basics of Marxism Leninism they would realize how they are being screwed by Capitalists and would have a powerful weapon for the way out an the way forward!
Anonymous18 August 2014 21:51
Correction: Anti Communism is alien to the interests of the masses
On: Obama’s HUD Policy: Dismantle Suburbs By Forcing Minorities Into ‘Prosperous’ Neighborhoods
Contrast that with an intelligent comment:
The Truth Will Out18 August 2014 11:37
I don't need to ask what you think John nor you I.
Sincerity is a hard thing to fake over time especiallty when the agenda is deceit and subversion.
Read Incogman's Phillip Marlowe editorial's over the years and the sincerity is clear and consistent.
DailyStormer born out of zioncrimefactory's self combustion is just another attempt to herd the awakening goy.
Trouble is there's a lot of young impressionable generations being pulled into his web who hang on his every word, sadly. I only engage where the lies are simply too big to ignore (promoting Paul Weston and every other counter-jihad kike trap etc).
It's editorial is going the same way ZionCrimeFactory went, with the same pattern and arguments made to define precisely how we can examine this jewish problem. 180 degree turn in philosophy overnight without a moments pause for thought or doubt.
That was my first question and everything else done since has only crystalised that view.
Delenda Est judaica!
On: Andre Anglin (editor of the Daily Stormer) Controlled Opposition Music Video


  1. Lol just..... Lol. I hear a lot of mantra and a lot of bellyaching with no real thought or reason behind it. It must be nice to nice themselves so morally superfluous, having read a book or two. One thing I have noticed from talking (arguing) with lefties, is the astounding amount of retoric they throw out. Hardly any of which is relevant and completely nonsensical to whatever issue is being discussed. They just simply refuse to listen to reason, hear logic or see the bigger picture. Not sure how so many intellectualy superior souls manage to be this brain numbing. But they obviously appear to know what they're on about. I, on the other hand, haven't the foggiest.

    I know you're all for free spech JH. But I really don't see why you don't just delete this trash. The right to express an opposing view point may be fair enough. But the opposer should at least have the brains and the courtest to have their opposition make sense surely??

    Or is that a little too much to ask from these nob-ends.


    1. Speaking of which.. Remind me to look at dictionary some time heh..