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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Jews Exthorting Even More Money Out Of Stupid American And Canadian's

Portraying Israel as the victim and 'Oy Vey don't forget the Holocaust'


The Jewish Community Council of Erie, responding to the emergency “Stop the Sirens” appeal from the Jewish Federations of North America and Reform and Conservative Movements, has committed $100,000 of its endowment funds for humanitarian support to Israel.

The emergency appeal from Jewish organizations and movements in the U.S. and Canada is in response to the ongoing crises involving Hamas terrorists in Gaza who target Israel and place three quarters of the Israeli people within range of rocket fire. The government of Israel has asked Jewish organizations in North America, who have in the past helped the Israeli people during times of crisis, to intensify their efforts in providing humanitarian support during the current conflict.

Meeting in an emergency session last week, the Jewish Community Council’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to send $100,000 to the “Stop the Sirens” campaign, which will provide food, medical supplies and emergency shelter to the most vulnerable Israelis. The Jewish Community Council (JCC) of Erie is also conducting a local campaign to raise additional funds for this ongoing humanitarian effort.

The Jewish Community Council of Erie is an umbrella organization which has long supported Erie’s Jewish and non-Jewish populations with social and human services programs for those in need, humanitarian aid to Israel, and educational programs focusing on tolerance and Holocaust studies. The JCC of Erie, for example, has financially supported annual public and parochial school student bus trips to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. The organization also funds and makes available nationally-known Holocaust speakers to area schools, and supports community organizations such as the Booker T. Washington Center and Safenet through funds provided by the William M. and Frances Schuster Fund. JCC funds are raised through annual drives for community contributions, and through established endowments.

The Jewish Federations of North American and the Reform and Conservative Movements hope their “Stop the Sirens” appeal will raise more than $20 million in humanitarian support.

“We can’t stop Hamas’ barrage of rockets targeting Israel,” said JCC of Erie President Robert Breakstone, 
“but we can help mitigate its impact on Israelis, just as we have done whenever Israel has been in need.”
In addition to food, medical supplies and shelter, the money raised in this emergency response to the crisis will also help to alleviate the horrific psychological and physical effects of the current conflict on Israel’s population.

Among the Israelis most vulnerable and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance are children, the elderly, the infirm and disabled, the disadvantaged and new immigrants.

“We stand in unity and solidarity with the Jews of North America and the world to support our brothers and sisters in Israel – today and always,” Breakstone said. also attending last week’s JCC of Erie emergency board meeting were the presidents and rabbis of Erie’s Jewish congregations, Temple Anshe Hesed and Congregation Brith Sholom.
For more information about the local “Stop the Sirens” campaign, or to contribute to the JCC of Erie’s humanitarian support of Israel, please contact the JCC of Erie at, 814-455-4474. “Stop the Sirens” contributions should be made payable to “JCC of Erie” and sent to Jewish Community Council of Erie, P.O. Box 3120, Erie, PA 16508.

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