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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jew run BBC – We have a moral duty toward ‘gay’ children

A BBC report has laid bare the corporation’s agenda to sexualise young children by exposing them to homosexuality in their ‘formative years’.

The panel of nine ‘LGB (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) experts’ commissioned by the BBC concluded that it had a ‘moral duty’ to target children ‘from an early age’ and indoctrinate them into a world of ‘sexual diversity’.

This would also ‘validate’ the feelings of ‘gay children’, it stated, and ensure that LGB children, especially in rural areas, would not feel isolated.

It would also engineer the BBC News to eradicate it of ‘homophobic’ viewpoints, and introduce more outwardly gay presenters and characters in children’s shows, soaps and dramas.

This report comes at a time when the corporation is still reeling from the exposure of a series of horrific paedophile scandals.

For decades the BBC beamed the sinister faces of serial paedophiles – including that of the most prolific serial paedophile in British history, Jimmy Savile – on to the screens watched by children across the British Isles and beyond.

Social engineering is nothing new at the ‘Beeb’. For decades it has carried out its agenda to promote racial miscegenation at every turn and the Government’s pro-Immigration and multiracial propaganda and its failed multi-cultural experiment.

The late comedian Rik Mayall stated back in 2005: 
“You have to be black or homosexual and a woman to work at the BBC.
“The BBC banned Adrian (Edmondson) and I from being on TV, for being heterosexual or known to disagree with the Government (then Tony Blair’s New Labour).
“British TV used to be the finest in the world, now it’s totally imploded.”
Two years later children’s presenter Kirsten O’Brien consolidated the BBC’s policy of discrimination by admitting that, 
“everyone at CBBC is either gay or childless and don’t like kids.”
The BNP is proud to be the only political party in Britain with which the BBC takes exception and even has a specific code on how to deal with it; boycotting BNP spokesmen and women, and even altering the format of flagship shows to head off the BNP challenge when forced to feature the BNP.
“The BBC’s days are numbered and I believe they know it. This latest report is nothing short of sinister.”
“I don’t want my children being exposed to anything of a sexual nature. That is not the purpose of children’s television.”
“It’s our moral duty to protect children during their precious and vital years of growth and development until that age when they can make their own independent decisions,” stated family man and father of two, BNP Chairman Adam Walker in reaction to the report.
“The BNP firmly believes that sexual preference is a personal choice and not an issue for public consumption.
“The BNP fights to protect and uphold the interests of the family unit, which is the bedrock of a healthy and stable community, society and nation.”

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