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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Jew-Commie Propaganda Video from May Day in Sweden Shows the Embarrassing Defeat of Jewry

Communist Swedes and immigrant invaders who have sided with the genocidal eternal enemy Jew were punished severely by the heroic National Socialists. Activists of ‘Svenskarnas Parti’ (Swedes Party) are determined to break the slavery imposed on their people by bloodthirsty International Jewry. 
New footage from Eskilstuna: Communists assaulted, fleeing in fear and a car is broken
The riots on May Day in Eskilstuna has become internationally known. Vice magazine has made ​​a film from the demonstration.
The film is clearly biased, but shows unique material which, among other things, shows the Communists being assaulted, being hunted, fleeing for their lives out of a train station – and you may even see a short clip from the event where a rowdy immigrants’ car is destroyed.
When 5-6 Nationalists storm the station, some 30 communists and immigrants flee in pure panic and fear. Leftist extremists respond by smashing a 7-eleven…

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