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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Israelica - The American/Israeli Propaganda Campaign

You don't have to watch US Media Propaganda too long to understand who the actual owners of the United States are- It's a tiny little punk nation that the Rothschild bankers happen to run in the Middle East -

A nation carved out of the then British territory of Palestine, a nation so racist that they gave Ethiopian black immigrants birth control shots and are attempting to expel their entire black population and are calling them "infiltrators".

The American media can't say enough good things about this genocidal nation though- It doesn't matter how lop-sided the death toll gets.

The funny thing is- Hannity - a "trusted" news source in America time and time again kept "surprisingly" running into Israelis who not only spoke English, but were from America! What a coincidence...

This is an obvious attempt to relate to the American audience, create a bond, and a sense of shared purpose, all the while real American critics of Israel such as Hellen Thomas are stripped of their tenured positions, and are called "racists"..

The chants the Israeli mobs are doing in the streets of Israel right now would be considered extremely racists if any other country were doing it- yet it's completely fine if Israelis are doing it.

It is the ultimate global double-standard and Americans should be calling for the resignation of their entire government over this obvious perversion of everything that is fair and right.

It is no wonder the media gives so much talking time to blatant pro-Israel racists, and hardly ever is anyone allowed to speak positively about Palestine- The media is owned by Jews, and it is about time we all speak out about it, and boycott and ambush them and speak truth to power at every chance we get.

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