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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Israel must be destroyed like a mad dog that should be euthanized

Written by John Kaminski

In order to survive, U.S. must purge itself of all Jews

It is too late to save Planet Earth from an unprecedented catastrophe for the simple reason that people have failed — and still fail — to discern the role of Jews in the deliberate demolition of human civilization.

It should be the goal of honest Americans who support the cause of the beleaguered Palestinians to make Jews in the United States feel as uncomfortable as the Israelis have made the residents of Gaza feel — or, at least the ones who are still left alive.

Currently, the opposite is true, as intimidated cowards everywhere kowtow to the evil kosher butchers while the Jewish police state continues to squeeze the life out of free-thinking peoples everywhere. The U.S. Congress unanimously backs Israel's genocide in Gaza while inside the U.S., police go berserk on people protesting the murder-by-cop of completely innocent victims. 

It's hard to argue with religious zealots who insist these are the End Times, especially with the news from the East Siberian Sea that warm water is beginning to melt the Arctic ice cover that triggers the methane release that ultimately will end all life on this planet much sooner than anybody thinks.

If people decided to be honest, it would be appropriate behavior for residents of the rest of the world to make Americans feel as uncomfortable as the mad dog Yanks have made the rest of the world feel with their endless invasions and random murders of innocent people. This is something that will surely begin on the day the Jews decide to vaporize the dollar and begin the selloff of U.S. assets to China and other eager customers. So maybe that's what the police are doing, acting in the best interests of the foreigners who are about to plunder America thanks to a president who hates the country he has been charged to lead, and is doing his best to destroy it.

Whatever fate befalls Israel and the Jews for their savage indifference to the suffering of others also awaits Americans when they no longer have the power to ruin people's lives with their technological marvels and and fast-talking financial deceptions.

Prior to that, however, Americans will doubtless have destroyed themselves by their unshakable preference for obscene creature comforts over sensible and healthful living practices, as the Jews have turned most of the so-called adults in the U.S. into drug addled sex addicts and their children into electronic androids who deliberately ignore their own well-being and are now being taught to become illiterate homosexuals in their own perverted public school systems.

As the kosher monsters who rule create endless distractions to take the world's focus of their continuing executions of defenseless Palestinians and continuing to lie about their victim status from Hamas missiles that never seem to injure anyone, sleepwalking Americans continue to ignore events that have a direct bearing on their sketchy futures.

Right now the No. 1 task of everyone in the world is to detox their governments from the fatal embrace of Jewish financiers, who guarantee their assets will be stolen and sold off to criminal entrepreneurs who have embraced the Jewish method of financial predation.

It is the profit motive that has destroyed the planet, as we see so pathetically as American politicians endorse Israeli mass murder as typically normal behavior.

The Jewish puppetmasters have made Americans so scrambled that they can cheer the obliteration of people in Gaza as a necessary evil and accept the importation of gangs from central America as a humanitarian good deed, even as that cynical maneuver hammers the final nail into the coffin of America's disintegrating social structure.

We are headed toward a slave society — or, we are already there — in which the ruthless Jews control every aspect of our existence, and have regimented us all into a prison of their own desires, to be exterminated, or if we're extremely lucky, to be selected to serve them as slaves as long as we exhibit the proper servile demeanor. Just ask any journalist who has attempted to speak about the Jewish threat.

Throughout the 20th century, Jews have manipulated reality by their control of money and media. Jews caused both world wars by their control of corrupt politicians. Even today, the whole world knows that Jews designed and supervised the takedown of the Twin Towers, but the American political system and public reality remains so dominated by Jews that every member of Congress must pretend that Muslim outlaws were responsible for 9/11 and cheer the barbaric behavior of Israel as their American marionettes do the dirty work and destabilize country after country on behalf of their insane Talmudic masters.

The American educational system, on the brink of descending to a new low in political indoctrination and misleading subject matter, remains asphyxiated by Jews, who seek to create docile slaves who can no longer think for themselves. The success of their mission is evidenced by noticing that people no longer care about political events as they pursue their meaningless pastimes that take them farther away from reality with each passing day.

The environmental dangers that have been deliberately created by Jewish scientists, notably nuclear power and weather control, together with Jewish sabotage of the medical profession which has led to the creation of progressively more dangerous diseases, now promise to create an environment where no one will survive unless privy to Jewish "cures" that will be dispensed solely to the suitably indoctrinated.

Already this is the case with schools that demand students be properly vaccinated before they are allowed to ingest the poisoned information and false reality that Jewish educators demand of a dumbed down populace that can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction.

The influx of uneducated immigrants from disadvantaged countries is having the effect of further dragging down the general level of intelligence within America more suitable to slaves doing menial labor than it is for resourceful people trying to improve their lives.

The production and distribution of exotic designer diseases like Ebola are surely the population culling mechanism that Jews have been seeking for a long time to reduce that world's population to a much smaller number that they can totally control.

Be that as it may, under no circumstances are you to accept any hastily contrived vaccines to protect you from Ebola, a threat that may or may not be real. But given the people who have promoted this pandemic and are supposedly creating protection from it, it's a safe bet that the cure will be worse than the disease.

Unless we are able to escape Jewish control of our lives, and unless we are able to destroy that demented war making machine known as Israel, our lives are over, and planet Earth is lost to the insanity of believing we may rape and exploit our fellow humans as the finest expression of human civilization.

This is the Jewish curse we must escape and erase if we are even to harbor the hope of becoming fully functioning human beings with hope and compassion as our guiding instincts.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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