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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Isn't it about time white Europeans stood up for their own ethnic interests in the enforced multiracial police state?

We can all criticise the events that have happened in Ferguson Missouri over the last week where blacks have rioted and looted after the death of Michael Brown. We can be infuriated at the reality of what 'diversity' means for us and our future generations, and we can state with historical accuracy that this is the standard behaviour of blacks when something happens to one of their own. Ironically, the black community not only in America, but also in Britain have a track record of rioting when they feel they are being targeted for being black, yet on a daily basis blacks are killing blacks in increasing numbers as black on black crime is off the scale. You won't see one black riot or protest against black on black crime. It must just be when the killer is white that they take offence, but when a fellow black kills a black it is a non-event. As usual the media has gone into a frenzy about the white policeman involved and had the officer been black, there would be no riots and no protests. This is not to support the police, but merely to state the obvious. 

What we as white Europeans need to understand however in light of the above, is that we as white Europeans no longer stand up for OUR own ethnic interests. It is easy to sit back and point out the behaviour of blacks who rob and burn 'their own' communities as a so called 'protest,' but what are we doing to advocate our own interests? What are we doing to protest against the genocidal diversity scam? When do we protest about the mistreatment of whites at the hands of the police which also includes murder such as in the case of Kelly Thomas? How many people in Britain for example have heard his name? And how many people in Britain have heard of Trayvon Martin and now Michael Brown? 

Kelly Thomas was a mentally ill homeless white man who was murdered by a group a police officers who beat him to death with fists, elbows, flash-lights and tasers leaving the poor man in a pool of blood. He later died in hospital and the officers involved walked away as free men. There were small protests but nothing on the scale of what has been seen in America and Britain over the decades. One of the officers acquitted in the murder of Kelly Thomas was 'Manuel Ramos,' an Hispanic police officer yet there was no media focus on this, whereas the media focus is always on the race of those involved when the victim is black. Then it becomes a racial issue because the media love nothing more than an opportunity to portray whites as racist, if the officer involved in the killing of Michael Brown was black, then it is of no value to the media or the nation destroyers so is not reported to such an extent as it is when whites are involved. 

Why when whites are stopped and searched by the police as I have been when I was younger, do we not make a song and dance about being targeted for being white? Whites commit crimes it would be ridiculous to suggest otherwise, but in relation to population percentages, blacks and other minorities commit more crimes compared to their percentage of the population and yet they have managed to portray this as being 'racist stereotyping.' So why aren't whites coming together as whites to bring attention to the anti-white racism that is all around us? I am no fan of the police, but the crime statistics don't lie. If it is a statistical fact that blacks commit more of a certain type of crime in any given area, then surely it makes sense to act on that especially when in a neighbourhood with a majority black population. 

Once upon a time whites did recognise their ethnic interests, they would not tolerate anything that threatened them as a national, racial and cultural group, but it is quite apparent that this self interest awareness as an ethnic group, has gone. 

This is the result of decades of social and demographic engineering along with the stigmatising of natural opposition to harmful agendas with words. Words such as 'racist' 'fascist' 'nazi' etc.

When Cultural Marxism as an ideology took root in the West, its most important tools were the educational system and the entertainment industry. These have been used to totally corrupt the minds of each new generation. They have been the victims of a sustained assault against their own natural sense of self preservation. The institutions were infiltrated and had in front of them masses of people to be moulded mentally to the cultural marxist way of thinking. 

From the earliest age possible, children of European descent are groomed by the cultural marxist establishment. They are seen as the next generational step in achieving all cultural marxist goals. Those of you with young children may not realise this, as you sit in a drunken or drugged up self inflicted state. Or as you sit watching the mind numbing poison provided for you on your television screens, but you and your children are being mentally groomed to serve a purpose. A purpose that is not in your or your children's best interests. 

White Europeans are now an apathetic people, filled with nonsensical altruistic thoughts and a suicidal belief in the individual over the group. Liberty for your ethnic and cultural group does not come about by rampant individualism that puts self interest on an individual basis, ahead of self interest on an ethnic basis. It has come to the point now, were white Europeans put the interests of others ahead of themselves and their children. No other group would do this and we have to acknowledge that while in group empathy and in group altruism are a positive trait of our people, out group empathy and out group altruism are a negative and self damaging trait of our people. This has been capitalised upon by the Cultural Marxists. 

We allow ourselves, our history and our ancestors to be ridiculed and lied about, we fall for the false self guilt pushed upon us and we never acknowledge the great achievements of our ancestors as white Europeans. We have been conditioned to believe that identifying as a racial group is wrong, and that to do so is dangerous and racist. Many whites have fallen into the trap that tells them race is a social construct and therefore see no reason to oppose multiculturalism/multiracialism because they don't bother to look beyond the propaganda and find out the truth. 

The materialistic society we now live in leads us to focus on the latest 'must have' object or gadget of the day, the latest console, or the latest fashion item. The only thing they look forward to is the next binge drinking session and importance is placed on self image. Money or the illusion of money, is the target of all. The future of our people as an ethnic and cultural group is not even a consideration to most, even when they can see with their own eyes the way their country is going. 

Any form of white protest over what is being done to our people, is immediately jumped on by the media and the left and portrayed as being 'racist.' And it is for that very reason that a lot of whites refrain from participating, the fear of a word has disabled the expression of the desire for ethnic and cultural self preservation. 

If there is one thing we cannot criticise blacks for, or any minority for that matter, is their willingness to come together as a racial group. Whites don't do that in anywhere near enough numbers and when you think about it, is it any wonder our nations are in the mess they are in as a result. If whites had asserted their ethnic interests when they decided to open our borders, it is likely we wouldn't be in this situation. There are reasons for this apathetic attitude that has consumed the white European as we have spoken about, but we also have to acknowledge that we as whites have played a part in our own downfall. 

Another very important point in all this, is the conduct of the police. The police no longer serve us the citizens, they serve their NWO masters who give them the freedom to abuse their position of authority. An authority that if used correctly, respectfully and legally, is vital to any civilised society, but which at present, is the clenched fist of the state. 

The police across the Western world especially in America and the UK are an extension of the corrupt system. They are the front line enforcers of the will of the state. They are both cultural marxist enforcers, and globalist NWO enforcers, gone are the days of the community officer familiar with everyone in the community bringing reassurance and a feeling of safety to the people. We now have a brutal militaristic police force along the lines of the NKVD in Communist Russia. The corrupt state could not exist or succeed without the protection of the police, and as the corrupt state starts to impose evermore oppressive measures on the people, the police need to exert more power to quash dissent. Where it is all leading to is an oppressive and totalitarian Communistic NWO controlled by Jewish high finance. 

The police also enforce the multiracial society forced upon us, to suggest they are 'racist' is ridiculous. They didn't kill Michael Brown because he was black, they killed him because they could. 

If the police forces in America or in Britain were 'racist,' then do you think they would be part of an organisation or institution that enforces a multiracial state on behalf of those in power? 

It is also telling how the threat of domestic terrorism has led to the militarisation of the police, it's almost as if they needed the threat of something to empower the police to clamp down even more on the rights of the average citizen, what better reason than the threat of 'home grown terrorists.' 

We can oppose the multiracial agenda and what it has brought to our nations, but we must also understand that the police are not on our side either and never will be as long as they are subservient to the powers that be. Just because they kill a black person is no reason to praise them or to ignore the reality of the bigger picture as to what the police are becoming. They are every bit as much of an enemy to whites, as blacks perceive them to be. 

I don't doubt for one minute there are honourable police officers out there, who fully understand the road we are headed down and who feel uneasy about it. And at times the police do help people, but they appear to be increasingly in the minority. 

There is a reason as to why not so long ago the police were much more respected, and why society was a lot safer. There is a reason why the police were not as intrusive, aggressive and arrogant. The reason is that we were once a society that was homogeneous, proud and community spirited. Whereas now, we are a divided society on the road to being conquered and the police has become a tool of the conquerors. They, like every other institution have been infiltrated and moulded to be a force that serves the NWO agenda. They don’t uphold the law, they now enforce the will of the state. 

As whites, we need to recognise that this is all being played out in our homelands, our societies are being destroyed and the only people going to suffer will be our children and their children. We now live in an enforced multiracial police state, and our institutions and governments are a subversive enemy within. And despite all of this, there is only one group not opposing it as a group with their own ethnic interests, and that group is the white Europeans. 

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  1. Good exposure of what cultural marxism is. It's like a slow cancer that corrupts people's survival instincts as their intelligence and carachter: had kelly Thomas been murdered by a bunch of misguided skinheads it would be social marxists scraming bloody murder all over the place. But he wasn't black, so the cops got away with it with no problem. In this case they didn't pitty the poor, mentallly ill homeless cracker! We don't have a case of double standards here, we have a case of triple or quadruple standards!