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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Islamic-Jewish Unity – Muslims agree to be buried with Evil Rotten Baby-Killing Jews

Muslims portray their doctrine as a complete all-encompassing ‘Weltanschauung’ having all the answers to all the problems. Muslims don’t even regard Jews to be a race, and accept Jews who convert. The Jewish Problem can never be solved if the racial reality is denied.

Islamic leaders even demand to be buried in the same ground as Jews… JEWS! If soil has been defiled by the disgusting vile corpses of members of the depraved Jewish race, that soil must be incinerated or cast into the surface of the Sun. Even after all Jews have been destroyed in the future cleansing, we must make sure that all Jewish DNA is completely eradicated. Otherwise, some evil scientist might get the idea of bringing Jews back to life through cloning using filthy Jew chromosomes from some dead Jew cadaver. If we allow that to happen, we will be back in square one.

Some Muslims ask Allah to exterminate the Jews. Others yearn to be buried with them and spend the afterlife lying next to these disgusting Hebrew vermin. Islam seems to have a love-hate relationship with Judaism. An ideology with that much room for misinterpretation regarding the Jewish Problem is obsolete in days like these, when there can be no compromise regarding our main objective: The permanent and total destruction of Zion. Never compromise on the Jews. Never. We will achieve a Free World without Jews, even if we have to destroy the entire planet in the process. The Jews must be gotten rid of by any means necessary.

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