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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Irans Judiciary Chief: US Strikes on ISIL in Iraq Trick Plot

Iran's Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani described the recent US attacks against the positions of the Takfiri group ISIL in Iraq as only a tricky plot, and said the terrorist group has been formed by Washington and its allies.

"How can one believe that the US is opposed to the ISIL Takfiri group? If the Americans really have a problem with ISIL, why haven't they entered the scene since the very first day of its appearance? Why haven't they attacked it in the entire region, especially in Syria," Amoli Larijani asked, addressing high-ranking judiciary officials in a weekly meeting Tehran on Wednesday.
He said the ISIL has been created by the colonial powers, and stressed that the recent US attacks on the terrorist groups' positions in Iraq are, at best, "suspicious", according to Fars news agency.

Amoli Larijani warned the colonial powers and the reactionary regimes which support the ISIL that such advocacy will backfire on them on the day when the group is annihilated in Iraq and political stability and tranquility is restored to the country.

In relevant remarks on Sunday, Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani cautioned that the US bombing of ISIL centers in Iraq in recent days was aimed at diverting attention of the world public opinion from the Israeli crimes in Gaza, but said the US will fail in achieving its desired results from this operation and had better ask for Hollywood's help.
"The reality is that the US administration is neither a supporter of the Shiites, Sunnis, Christian, Yazidis, Kurds or Arabs nor an advocate of human rights as it has a too dark record to be like this," the Iranian speaker said, addressing the lawmakers at an open session of the parliament here in Tehran.
Source: Al-Manar TV

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