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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Insane Sweden to let senior citizens starve to death in order to keep the immigration going

Sweden: In nursing homes the old ones have to pay an unusually high rate for immigration.

The Swedish kingdom lacks money.

The dwindling government finances in Sweden was really a hot topic, as it recently emerged that Sweden cannot afford to accept more asylum seekers. The Swedish Migration Board, has  announced that it will be short of 48 billion Swedish kronor, if the influx and integration of asylum seekers should be maintained.

The Prime Minister, the Frederik Reinfeldt, maintains, however, that immigration must continue whatever the cost.
"Now I ask the Swedish people to exhibit patience. To show solidarity with the outside world. We must stand together to do it. In the long run we are creating thus a better world" he said during his summer speech the other day.
At a press conference just before his speech, he recognized that the high immigration pressure will be expensive for the Swedish taxpayers. The missing 48 billion to retrieve from the public sector.
"It leads to discussions about what it will cost, and I can already say that it brings huge costs. There will not afford much else" said the Prime Minister at the meeting, where he outlined his vision of Sweden as a "humanitarian Superpower ".
Old starving

Prime Minister Reinfeldt's preaching about cuts in public budgets comes at a most unfortunate time. Professor of Geriatrics, Yngve Gustafson, has just completed a study showing that residents of Swedish nursing homes are so malnourished that many of them may die of hunger.
"We know that more than half of Swedish nursing home residents are malnourished. This means that 15,000 people in elder care are starving to death" the professor said recently on TV.
The bad nutrition leads to a weakening of the immune system. It causes life-threatening diseases of the elderly, he continued. He believes more resources for elder care are necessary, if not the old will die of hunger.

According to the Swedish Migration Board's forecast 400,000 people will during the 2014-15 period apply for asylum in Sweden. And over the next 5 years the amount will be approx 5 million.

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