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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

“I feel very much at home…”

“I feel very much at home…”
“I have to say to you that I feel very much at home among the Muslim community in Birmingham, not least because so many Muslims have chosen to make Birmingham their home.”
With that solecistic utterance, Sir Albert Bore, a Labour councillor and leader of Birmingham City Council, began a speech to Birmingham’s Muslims on the occasion of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday back in 2013. This was before the emergence of the so-called Trojan horse scandal of Islamic Salafi interference and infiltration in the management of Birmingham’s schools, an institution over which Bore’s Council presided. More on that in a moment, but let me say first that I, for one, would prefer that, where possible, white people should develop a more cerebral and nuanced understanding of our situation and appreciate the complex forces at work, particularly Jewish influences. Focusing on Muslims is tempting and completely understandable: they are a menace, and the false narrative put across by the media that most Muslims are ‘moderates’ in matters of Islam and Western society needs to be tackled head-on. Nevertheless, it is the poison that the Jews pump into our media and institutional life that needs to be highlighted. Jews are the glue that is keeping the anti-white project together. If we can expose them and gain mass consciousness about the Jewish Problem, then the whole edifice will come tumbling down like a deck of cards.

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