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Monday, 18 August 2014


By Joshua Bonehill

Founder & Leader
National British Resistance

I was recently arrested under the Harassment act with approximately seven counts of “alleged” harassment being made against me for unwanted contact on social media, these allegations were made by Left-Wing keyboard warriors who want to silence me and are using the law as a weapon in their arsenal.

The harassment act is very peculiar in the sense that it can be transferred to the internet and apparently (in my case) used against an assailant for simply tweeting you several times. Of course any contact with the Left-Wing is unwanted so therefore the Law states that the Left-Wing are breaking the law contrary to section 2(1) and (2) of the protection from harassment act 1997 and when in the more extreme circumstances when the Left-Wing pervert in question insults you, they are breaking the law contrary to section 1(1)(A) and (4) of the malicious communications act 1988.

I was arrested for allegedly simply calling somebody a “Homosexual” and “Jewish”, this wasn’t stereotyping nor was it racist but apparently calling somebody a name that they don’t agree with online is actually harassment.

Arguing or debating with the Left-Wing will always prove pointless, they have no argument and they can not be legitimised in the mainstream nor should they be given a platform. If the Left-Wing are going to use the law against us in order to silence our political views then we should do the same to them in retaliation.

The hardest part comes when attempting to identify the Left-Wing pervert who is attacking you. More often than not, Left-Wing cowardly traitors use anonymous accounts because they don’t fully believe in what they are saying so to protect their identity, they hide behind a shield of anonymity.

If you suspect the anonymous left-wing pervert who is attacking you may be somebody you know then report them to the police – if you have the name of the person who is attacking you or they are not anonymous then you can almost certainly guarantee an arrest to be made under the Harassment act.

So don’t waste your time arguing with these weird freaks, instead report them to the police for harassment and sit back in both joy and glee knowing that they will have their computers and all electrical equipment confiscated and their lives turned upside down during the duration of the police investigation against them.

I wouldn’t normally advocate reporting anybody to the police for “internet disagreements” but the Left-Wing have already crossed that line when they did it to myself and many others; now is the time to give them a taste of their own medicine and fightback.

Most Left-Wing perverts hold down jobs in schools or places which serve the public, the last thing they want is a criminal investigation on their backs – it could mark the end of their career and completely destroy their sad and meaningless lives.

After you’ve reported the Left-Wing pervert who is attacking you to the police, you can really celebrate when you hear the news that a CID team has smashed down their front door, raided them and turned their home upside down looking for electrical equipment.

With any luck, the Left-Wing pervert in question will be sent to prison and violently raped and beaten every night for their views by black inmates who won’t stand for politically correct nonsense or any Left-Wing freak trying to stand up for their “ethnic rights”.

So in order to secure a conviction, here’s what you have to do:
  • Take down the name of the Social Media account that is attacking you 
  • Screenshot the remarks made against you by the account
  • Try to ascertain the real name of the account attacking you
  • Phone 101 (not an emergency) and report the Left-Wing pervert for Harassment and Malicious communications, claim unwanted contact and abuse from the person attacking you. 
Sit back and watch the fun unfold.

The bottom line is that these “People” are pure evil, they deserve no sympathy and shouldn’t be treated in the same manner that we would treat normal people. The Left-Wing are a horde of disease that has manifested itself in the centre of our society and we need to completely rid everywhere of this malignant tumour of vermin and hate.

You may be reading this article and you may very well come to the conclusion that I hate the Left-Wing with a passion – this is correct, I do!

When dealing with the Left-Wing, remember this one and key point – They are parasitical, not political!

In Blood & Glory

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  1. It's a case to ask who is being harassed! you're right on all accounts. That's why i hardly vent my spleen out of american websites, they still have some freedom of speech, not that they aren't just one step behind us in the EEU regarding gag-laws.
    I don't like to have to measure every little thing that i say because it can be criminalised. In Portugal we have a law that advocates free speech and free association but then has an amendment that forbids anything that supports fascism or alikes. Not to mention the dreaded racism. And the howl-of-cost. Of course these concepts will be understood as they will.
    One of the reasons why i use to go by pen-names or anonymacity, but i never used it to make gratuite personal attacks or insult, unless in self defense of course. I have a lot of respect for that shit.

    Calling homosexual and jewish to a homo jew can be a serious offense these days! watch out, before they go to your wallet or try to put you in jail! at least it's a case to search your place and seize your computer. Hat off to your courage anyway!

    "Arguing or debating with the Left-Wing will always prove pointless" - i couldn't agree more! and the same goes for jews. They are intelectually dishonest and trying to reason with them will only result in sheer non sense and ultimately, psychological torture, because hell is the impossibility of reason. And if they sense you are an intelligent guy and willing to put out the word they will imediatly resort to carachter-assassination without a problem. They even do it preventively, like their wars!

    Congratulations for your blog, it has a good collection of pertinent information, that would be otherwise scattered around the web.