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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How the history of the decline will be written

Street parade, Oslo, Norway

I write this from my study in independent Navarro. It's clear that reconquista has moved a full cycle, and we have returned to the conditions of the 9th century, when only a few of my ancestors held out against a Muslim Spain. Our people must once again gird their loins for the long struggle that lies ahead, whose outcome none of us will see, but of whose certainty I am sure.

Norway was the first to go. We thought it would be Sweden, but we were close enough. Despite, or maybe because of, their enormous sovereign wealth fund, the Norwegians hobbled themselves with political correctness. Told over and over again by the Left that they simply must open their country to masses of unassimilable aliens of a different culture, religion, and ethnicity, they did so; they lost all sense of patriotism and pride in their nation, instead coming to believe that Europeans, at least Northern and Western ones, were somehow uniquely and existentially guilty, and that they had no right to resist. So they did not resist. The approximately 10% of the population that was at the time truly Christian and refused to convert now pay the jizya. The rest of the Norwegian people converted. Under the system of Muslim polygamy, the ruling class took most Norwegian women as their own wives, and the Norwegian ethnicity is disappearing.

Other countries followed. It would be tedious to list them all and the particular circumstances of their downfalls. One thing they had in common was a refusal to reproduce. Lowered fertility seemed to go along with an increasing irresponsibility and the desire to just coast through life, taking nothing seriously. Meanwhile their leaders were urging mass immigration on them as a means to keep the economic and pension Ponzi's running, and the people came to believe that this was necessary.

The dominoes fell.

Britain - as well as an independent Scotland - succumbed to the Islamic wave. The combination of high immigrant and low native fertility guaranteed it. While many of the "New Britons" were moderate, middle class types, as befits a nation of shopkeepers, they and the native Britons could not withstand the extremists. These latter were prepared to die for their cause, absolutely fanatical about what they wanted. Fear and terror won, and sharia is now the law of that land.

In the U.S., downfall came differently. Its southern border became meaningless, and roving gangs of ruthless Mexican cartel members terrorized the Southwest, making it their own. Vast numbers of Americans fled into the Midwest and Northeast.

To be continued. Maybe.

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