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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Harriet Harman Calls White South Africans, ‘Bastards’ on Conference Call – Is Leftist Hatred the Reason S. Africans Denied Visas?

Article found here: Mark Shinobi F/B

Marxist feminist and supporter of Paedophilia Harriet Harman

When asked about the genocide being perpetrated against white South Africans , Labour MP Harriet Harman stated 
“Pardon me, but I don’t feel sympathy for Apartheid supporters…Britain is not in the business of supporting racist bastards.”
[White] South Africans often wonder why they have such a hard time emigrating to Britain, when everyone else seems to be given quick and easy access. From Ghanaian homosexuals and Zulu sangoma wives, to Bulgarian communists and Roma gypsies, Polish thugs and Lithuanians rapists-Britain appears to have an open door/open wallet policy for the globe’s refuse.

The mainstream British political parties are correct when they claim that Britain simply can’t accept more foreigners due to the fact we’ve been swamped by EU migrants. They are also correct when they state that commonwealth nations like South Africa have been the casualty of our being controlled from Brussels.

But has this been by design?

Are there elements within our Labour Party that are intentionally seeing to it that culturally incompatible people from Eastern Europe-folks that typically vote left, arrive in our land, and culturally compatible people with ties to Britain, who tend to be more conservative, as is especially the case with South Africans and Indians arriving on skilled and merit based visas, are denied access?

The Labour Party, behind the lifting of EU immigration restrictions dictating who and can not enter Britain via EU membership saw to it that literally millions of Bolshevised Romanians, Poles, Bulgarians and Balts arrived on our shores this past decade.

Which group of people have been told they are no longer welcome?

You guessed it. South Africans. Since 2004, when Britain lifted restrictions on Poles, fewer than 84% of all South Africans who’ve applied for entry, have ben granted it. Since Romania and Bulgaria were allowed access, that number has risen to 96%! Yes, 96% of non-black South Africans applying for skilled, family, spousal visas are being denied access!

And this appears to suit some liberal members of our parliament just fine as South Africans are unlikely to vote in the party that had a hand in the ruin of their nation. Meanwhile 87% of the Poles and Romanians they’ve permitted entry, who voted in the last European election, voted Labour or Lib Dem..

For those of you that have never heard of Harriet Harman, let me introduce you to one of Britain’s most vile anti-white/anti-English white liberals. As mad as that sounds, as the beast is herself white.

She is also a supporter of paedophilia, advocate of same sex EVERYTHING and an all around destructive force. In a nutshell, Harman is a mass immigration supporting, paedophile apologising Communist that’s done more damage to Britain than any single English parliamentarian; with the exception of possibly Tony Blair….EVER. She is also Anti-white South African and HATES Afrikaner people.

A Wikipedia entry for the woman tells us that, 
“Harriet Ruth Harman is a British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham since 1982. She has been Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since 2007, and is also currently Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
Harman was first appointed to the Cabinet in 1997 under Tony Blair, as Secretary of State for Social Security and the first ever Minister for Women. After holding further Cabinet and government positions on two further separate occasions, she became the Leader of the Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition. She held both posts temporarily until Ed Miliband subsequently won the 2010 Labour leadership election.
Harman now deputises for Miliband whenever he is absent for Prime minister’s questions in her role as Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. She is currently the longest continuously-serving female MP in the House of Commons.”
Cultural Marxist and Labour Party MP, Harriet Harman, who the Guardian once referred to as the most influential woman in British politics, actively campaigned to have the age of consent lowered to twelve, during her stint as a Human Rights activist.

While working as head legal counsel for a left wing human rights quango, she defended and/or represented clients that had been accused of taking inappropriate photographs of children and engaging in acts of sexual abuse. One of her organisation’s top clients and donators was in fact the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange. This vile woman, whose mug symbolises Britain’s sexualisation of children, still defends her work on behalf of paedophiles to this day, as can be seen in this video!

The impact cultural Marxism has had on Britain has been indubitably catastrophic. Britain is now a nation where women run wild, binge drink, and act like sailors. Men have become emasculated beyond recognition, and gays prance about town like gazelles on a cheetah-less Serengeti.

This past week our Veronika Andrejeva, under the guise of speaking on behalf of a Lithuanian rights group (she is in fact half Lithuanian)-who actually once had the great misfortune of living in Harman’s Peckham, spoke to the vile woman. That is one of the perks of having a website that’s on pace for receiving a million visitors annually, and dealing political handlers that don’t vet people when they set up meetings with. They hear Lithuanian, rights, woman, website with lots of webtraffic and think, OPPORTUNITY to canvass votes!

During the conversation, which we will be posting on the site during the run up to the national election, our Veronika addressed the issue of mass EU immigration, the astronomical crime rates that EU newcomers are responsible for, the fact that Polish has now passed Welsh as Britain’s second language, amongst other topics.

Towards the conclusion of the conversation Veronika brought up South Africa, and the genocidal conditions that exist in the country. She broached the matter by asking Ms Harman why Britain was not allowed to dictate its own immigration policy. She stated the EKP position that if Britain wasn’t inundated with culturally incompatible EU newcomers, we’d be able to help people that needed us and could genuinely fill our immigration needs.

Veronika, realising getting Harman to bite was not going to be easy, stated that if we were able to say NO to the million plus eastern Europeans with no grasp of the English language and no business being here, and yes to culturally compatible people of South Africa, we could make a profound difference in peoples lives, and help our nation in the process.

When her statement seemingly fell on deaf ears, she asked her if the fact that Labour Party were canvassing votes on Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian online forums have anything to do with it? That white South Africans and Indians, would be less inclined to vote Labour after their arrival in Britain?

Ms Harman was taken aback.

She asked Veronica why a Lithuanian would be opposed to EU migration, to which Veronika stated that she was playing devil’s advocate.

Harman then proceeded to tell Veronika that she had no interest in discussing South Africa, in spite of the fact that it was a pertinent question.

When asked about the genocide being perpetrated against white South Africans, Harman in fact laughed saying that’s not something she wanted to discuss.

When pressed, Harman stated, 

“Pardon me, but I don’t feel sympathy for Apartheid supporters.”
Veronika asked her why, to which Harman replied that, 
“Britain is not in the business of supporting racist bastards.”
Veronika pointed out that many of the people being victimised in SA had not been old enough to support Apartheid, and that even if they were supportive of the nationalist government, that surely wasn’t grounds for murder.

She also pointed out that Eastern Europeans living in Britain are typically more racist than South Africans, and less culturally compatible, to which Harman called her a ‘racist’.

Veronika then stated that closing the door on mass EU migration in favour of a ‘Commonwealth’ approach would actually see more non-white people arrive in Britain, as ethnic Indians who were being persectured in South Africa, Uganda, and Ghana would also be offered entry, if they could prove historical connection, income and skill set.

To that the paedophile supporting pig Harman hung up the telephone.

This is what we are dealing with folks.

The EU supporting Labour Party will never facilitate conditions in which South Africans will be welcome in Britain, because they couldn't care less if immigration helps anyone other than their party, and the people that keep them in power.

Even if you don’t want to emigrate, it has to make you upset that Romaians, who cant speak a lick of English, commit crime and live entirely off of benefits are being allowed in and you are NOT.

Before the misguided White Internationalists that visit our site rejoice, thinking this is a good thing, as it will keep the culturally incompatible people of Pakistan and Nigeria out of Europe – let me make one thing abundantly clear. People that apply for immigration into Britain from commonwealth nations, have to prove income, education, skill set and that they have the cash in hand to live in the UK without the assistance of government social benefits. They also need to be proficient in English. [Do they? Who told you that then? Oh yeah the Jew owned media and traitor politicians that's who. J.H.]

Eastern Euros (post 2004 expansion) do not, due to Britain’s membership in the communistic EU.

The vast majority of non-black South African applicants who requested entry into Britain live in fear for their safety, have British family, skills we can use, and the means to support themselves upon their arrival. We can benefit from them as much as they can benefit from us! Other worthy Commonwealth applicants with PhD’s, MBA’s and degrees in medicine have been rejected as well, in spite of the fact we have a shortage of doctors willing to work full time for the National Health Service, and are in dire need of engineers for our failing manufacturing sector.

Please do NOT confuse these people with asylum seekers and refugees arriving from black sub-Saharan Africa, claiming asylum status because of gay oppression and Muti witch-hunts, who identically to their Eastern European newcomer counterparts, speak little English, jack up our crime rates and live in Britain on TAXPAYER money. Even when a few blacks find their way through the Visa process, they typically have skills and enough money to live without government assistance. 
[Bollocks] The Eastern Europeans that arrive here, without having to prove anything other than that they are resident in an EU State, are proficient in the art of stealing benefits, turning tricks (prostitution) & committing crime.

This is not to say they are all bad, just that they are at best a useless bunch, at worst, criminals.

Britain’s inability to dictate it’s own immigration policy means we will be unable to bring in doctors, nurses and engineers we need to drive our economy, or allow the culturally compatible wives, husbands, and children of South African victims that need our assistance, a place in Britain. These people have as much to offer us, as we do them.

This is hardly the case with the one million Eastern European migrant newcomers that have invaded our shores since 2004, who steal our benefits, commit crime, as stated earlier, offer US nothing but cheap labour & men to fill our prisons with, refuse to learn our language and make it so we HAVE no choice but to reject worthy applicants from South Africa and beyond. In fact most Poles I know that arrived in Britain prior to EU expansion, who arrived here via the Visa process-guys like my work colleague Pawel, or Paul as he is known now as he has seamlessly assimilated, also want us to close the door on their countrymen! Seems ‘the migrants make them look bad.” .

“Non-black South Africans are honest, speak our language, are culturally compatible, typically have money in their bank accounts to pay their own way, are ready and willing to buy a property, do not need benefits, do not perpetrate crime, have historical ties to our lands-often times even an English parent or spouse, and are a pleasure to be around. Besides don’t we owe them for assisting the destruction of their country? Mandela is a product of foreign meddling after all!”

Our EKP Immigration expert told us when I contacted her regarding this story. She added that, 
“Poles make up 1% of Britain’s population, but perpetrate 13% of the nation’s crime, have birth rates on par with black Africa and are bleeding our benefits system dry. Polish is now Britain’s second most spoken language, ahead of even indigenous Welsh. They hate us, are ungrateful, kill swans for food and abuse animals as if they’re back home. How can this be a good thing! And then of course there’s the fact the fact they are all living on benefits.”
People that still don’t get this are traitors and I ask that you get lost. For those of you that appreciate our efforts we kindly ask you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and like on our EK South Africa Facebook page.


  1. The number of pedophiles that have been dragged out of the closet as a result of the Jimmy Saville scandal is extraordinary. Even good ol' "lovable" Rolf Harris, a fellow Aussie, turned out to be a kiddie fiddler. I fear, however, that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that politics, even more than the entertainment industry, has more pedos per square inch than any other major sphere of influence.

  2. The writer of this article, seems to be, on the face of it - some sort of EDL/UKIP type numpty! I think we have more than enough Indians, in our country lol!

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