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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Government Fear Factory: ISIS Is Here, Just in Time for Another 9/11 Anniversary

By Melissa Melton

The government has been doing a whole lot of talking lately about the 9/11-style threat ISIS poses on American soil, how ISIS is like 'nothing the Pentagon has ever seen' and how ISIS is likely already here... and all just in time right before another 9/11 anniversary! Fancy that.

Considering it's on record where ISIS got a lot of its military training and funding IN THE FIRST PLACE, perhaps we should all go back to the dictionary and look up what the definition of terrorism is.

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  1. The biggest attrocity manufacturers on planet Earth, are the Juden yellow star parasites. That poor fellow was beheaded by either a British Mercinarym on a big bonus of £150,000. Or, an Israeli SF or US operator. It's all about gripping the world in fear of wars, terrorism, and further control over state resources.