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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Global Capitalism and Cultural Marxism

I find it amusing when leftists say that we must support capitalism because we oppose Marxism, and say that we fear the collapse of the capitalistic society. Maybe they don't realise that many nationalists are just as opposed to capitalism as the left are. Or capitalism as it has become, ie internationalist/globalist. 

Cultural Marxism is not about economics, it is about attacking Western civilisation, race and culture. Classical Marxism focused on economics and had the capitalist bourgeois society as their enemy. Cultural Marxism focuses on culture, and have the white heterosexual male as their enemy amongst other things. 

When the Cultural Marxist left speak about economics, or capitalism,  it is usually in the context of what they call the 'white power structure.' Historically, there has always been a relationship between big money and the radical left. The Bolshevik revolution as many of you know, was funded by Jewish capitalist bankers, and Cultural Marxism has a close relationship with big money also. 

The Cultural Marxist left, as well as being involved in the 'anti-fascist' and 'anti-racist' groups, (many being middle class wannabe revolutionaries) are also to be found in big business and government who actually sponsor the 'anti-fascist' groups. This is certainly true in Britain as the government are sponsors of the violent anti-white communist front group 'unite against fascism.' 

The internationalism of global capitalism has much in common with cultural Marxism, in that they both have the same aims. Both desire an end to the nation state, the capitalists because of globalism and the pursuit of a NWO, and the cultural Marxists because of their belief in a world without borders, or an egalitarian non existent utopia with no racial identity or cultural identity. 

Both desire mass immigration, both support feminism, both support 'gay rights,' both support Multiculturalism or Multi-racialism etc. The global capitalist interests are about profit and global control, the cultural marxist interests are about the destruction of the nation state, race, the family, the culture, Christianity, and Western morality. The global capitalists use the naive left to push their global agenda. Some capitalists understand the threat of mass immigration for example, but in the interests of profit and personal gain, they ignore the threat and future consequences. They betray their nation and people to the mass immigration that drives wages down and in turn makes them richer. 

The same applies to traitors in government, their interests are not in the national interest, but in the interests of international finance. Whatever the goal of international finance is, is the goal of government. Your government is controlled by and dictated too, by international finance. 

Although cultural Marxism is to be found at the highest levels of society, including academia and media as well as politics and big business, it has trickled down to the indigenous working class people of the individual European and Western nations. It is seen in the mass apathy of the people and their conformity to the cultural Marxist Zeitgeist. The masses sit of an evening at home and watch the cultural Marxist poison fed to them in the form of so called entertainment on television. They digest it in music, film, magazines and in the promotion of binge drinking which has become a massive problem in many of our towns and cities. 

The most committed cultural Marxists are usually middle to upper class leftists who have absolutely no interest in the white working class other than to subvert and brainwash them. It is basically a production line with those at the top producing the robots at the bottom. The white working class have been blinded to their own interests as a racial group who have interests specific to them. All other racial groups acknowledge their specific interests, and are encouraged to pursue those interests as a racial group. Whites however are discouraged from identifying as a racial group, they are brainwashed with self hate, false guilt, and the suicidal belief in the diversity deception. Any white group that advocates white interests is immediately attacked as being 'racist' 'fascist' 'nazi' etc. 

So how did Cultural Marxism become a key component of global capitalism and globalist politics? Basically, cultural Marxism is a tool of those who control globalist politics and global capitalism just as Communism in Russia was a tool of Jewish international finance. Classical Economic Marxism = opposed to capitalistic bourgeoisie society and advocates outright revolution to create a dictatorship of the proletariat and gaining control of the means of production. The first manifestation of this ideology which occurred in Russia, was funded by Jewish capitalist bankers and led to the start of a century of brutal mass murder, famine and oppression. Cultural Marxism = Marxism that has been transformed from an economic theory into Cultural theory due to the failure of the working class in the West to embrace the ideas of economic Marxism. Cultural Marxism sought to infiltrate Western institutions and mould the culture and working class to their way of thinking using the bourgeois (middle classes) who occupied the institutions. 

The West had been culturally strong enough to repel the planned exportation of the desired worldwide communism revolution. So the institutions that bound the West together on race, family, religion, patriotism etc had to be infiltrated and broken down in order for communistic thinking to be implemented. Once this was achieved, the cultural Marxists believed that the working class of the West will be more open to the ideas of Communism. If the working class of the West would not embrace economic Marxism, then the cultural Marxists decided to infiltrate and recruit the bourgeois institutions to target the working class using subversion gradually over time. 

This was achieved using critical theory ie the criticism of all things the cultural Marxists believed had blinded the working class to their 'true class consciousness.' Criticism of race, nation, religion (Christianity), gender, the family, patriotism, Western values and morality etc. 

The working class in the West were viewed as an unreliable revolutionary group, so a new type revolutionary had to be imported. This new revolutionary was to be anybody who could be portrayed as being victimised by white Western civilisation. Blacks, gays, women etc. Both communism and cultural marxism thrive off the divide and conquer scenario. They can only exist if they perpetuate conflict between groups, the oppressor/oppressed narrative. Communism sets worker against employer, and cultural marxism sets supposed victim group against supposed oppressor group. When the Cultural Marxists say they want equality, what they really mean is that they want to accelerate and encourage the conflict between groups  because without it they cannot survive. 

When you come to understand that Communism and it's modern day off shoot cultural marxism, are divide and conquer tools of Jewish international finance, then you will see why cultural marxism is rife at the very highest levels of society as well as at the lowest. You will also understand that Cultural Marxism is an assault on the West by a small but well organised group who despise Western civilisation. They sew the seeds of self destruction and fan the flames. 

It is no coincidence that the majority of cultural marxist schools of thought have been led by Jewish academics. 

It is no coincidence that the 'civil rights' campaign was created and led by Jews. It is no coincidence that Jews have led the 'gay rights' movement, the feminist movement, the abortion pro-choice movement. 

It is no coincidence that mass immigration into the West has been campaigned for and supported by Jewish groups. It is no coincidence that the sciences are dominated by Jews, 

It is no coincidence that the entertainment and film industries are dominated by Jews. 

It is no coincidence that the porn industry is dominated by Jews. 

It is no coincidence that international banking and media are dominated by Jews. 

It is no coincidence that the Frankfurt school was dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that anthropology which today bangs the drum of 'race is a social construct' is dominated by Jews. 

It is no coincidence that the biggest 'anti-racist' organisations are dominated by Jews. Organisations such as the ADL, SPLC, the UAF, Searchlight, Hope not Hate etc.. When nationalist groups speak out against Cultural Marxism, they often do so by targeting leftists, and we do to. However it is important to point out that it is not only the left who support the race and culture destroying ideas of the Frankfurt School. The left are the public image of the degenerate anti-white agenda, but the hidden hand is in globalist politics, media, banking and in big business. These are the people who fund and enforce the destructive ideas because it serves their agenda, thus making the cultural marxist left, the useful idiots doing the bidding of those they say they oppose. 

This is where the correlation between the economic marxists and cultural marxists is made. The Cultural Marxists at the lowest levels, ie the 'anti-fascist' street protest groups, also protest against the bankers. The common theme is that we are the 99%, so they do have an opposition to global capitalism and international finance aswel as their misguided opposition to those who wish to preserve their racial and cultural heritage which is being eradicated by those at the very highest levels of society. 

The Cultural Marxists cannot see that what they support is being implemented by those who are they consider to be the 1%. Nationalists are just as opposed to the corrupt banking system and global capitalism as the left are, but we understand who pulls the strings and why. Nationalism does not exist to prop up the current system, it is fully opposed to the system and if anything, nationalism is targeted exactly because it is the most truthful in exposing the Jewish globalist agenda. 

The power of international finance controls all nations, and in 1930s National Socialist Germany, we were shown the way to removing that dominance and control over us. A devastating world war was fought and over 50 million European lives were lost to restore the financial control over a nation who had briefly been set free. Ever since the last bullets were fired, we have been inundated with propaganda portraying National Socialist Germany as the embodiment of evil. The reason being, that they don't want people to see the path of true economic, cultural and racial liberation from Jewish global control over banking media and politics. And so the propaganda had to be constant and produced in such a way that would keep the people from ever embracing such ideas of liberation ever again. 

A systematic campaign of lies has been in progress ever since. Nationalism is seen as an extension of National Socialist ideas by those in control, and that is why nationalism is targeted so vigoursly. The Communistic lefts opposition to Nationalism is because of their desire for a worldwide revolution, and their false belief that nationalism is the extended arm of the capitalist system. They see open borders and the promotion of nation destroying social ideas as being  necessary for 'universal equality.' 

This just goes to show, that nationalism is targeted by both Jewish global capitalism and communistic cultural marxism because it opposes both, and is a threat to both. 

The belief in nation, race, culture and family is a dangerous idea to those who want to destroy what we hold dear.

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