The 14 Words

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Enemy Jew Leonard Cohen is not just bragging about Manhattan & Berlin. In his Jew psycho mind he is talking about the whole world

What a Satanic piece of shit, notice the Goy women sat to the left and right of the Jew, one mixed race, one black but both subservient Goy's of course (this is the future NO WHITE RACE). Yes he can sit there with that smug look on his face because WE have allowed this Satanic minority to control everything. WHY? 

And oh yes, this was recorded in 1988 (nearly 30 years ago) When they had nothing like the power and control they possess over us now. Look around you at the world folks and see the power of the Alien Satan Entity through it's proxy the Jew (Edomite/Canaanites). 


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  1. Because we never had the discipline?