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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Death is not the end. Our Struggle is Eternal

By Rufus

The death of a loved-one is never easy.  It is that much harder when the one you lose suffers excruciating pain before death. This month has been a particularly difficult one, with the loss of a confidant, a listener, an individual who was forthright yet compassionate, took no nonsense but wasn't patronising, and was in every way a kindred spirit.  Due to the nature of my writing, I cannot give the name or any other details of the great individual who has departed this world.  Why not?  

Because to do so would put the rest of my family in danger due to the malicious behaviour of those who promote the genocide of the European nation, under the lie of multiculturalism.

This month has been a month of caring for a dying loved-one, who died in my arms I have been focussed upon my kin to the exclusion of all other matters. There are people who I have been helping with various issues, who I have not been able to help due to my immediate family needing my absolute attention - I will endeavour to resume my help now that I am able to.

The loss of a loved-one puts everything into perspective. For me, the departure of someone who means so much to me, is obviously a time of great sadness, but it is also a reminder of just how little time we have in this world, and of how we must strive to not waste a moment of our precious time here.

We are but links in a chain which stretches from our most ancient ancestors until the last of our kin yet to come. We owe it to those who have come before us - and to those who we have lost - to ensure that we live our lives in ways which honour their memory. The best way to do this is to ensure we do our utmost to protect our bloodlines from contamination by the forces which seek to mongrelise us and make us slaves to the international enemy.

We are more than our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings. Our bodies are but vessels for us to operate in the physical realm. New-agers and internationalists deny the differences in the races, either through ignorance of biology or as a part of an agenda to reduce the world to a global slave state with one set of racially-identifiable overlords, and a mass of identity-less semi-humans who are fit only to serve them.

Carl Gustav Jung wrote of the unity of the race and the soul of the individual. A mongrelised mass would thus be a truly inhuman mass with the vessels being unfit for the occupation by the higher beings beyond the physical realm. 

Our distinct races exist as distinct vessels which can only be operated by our distinct collective racial souls. There are many theories about what happens to our inner selves after we depart this realm. If we return to another physical body, it can only be one which is the same racially as that which it left.

Mongrelised bodies must either be schizophrenic prisons for multiple souls, or they must be voids working as automatons which really are not fit to be classed as human. To look at the incidence of mental illness in those of mixed-race, is to find support for the view that mixed-race bodies are torture chambers for those trapped within them. We cannot allow our kin to return to vessels which have been turned from vessels of purity and beauty into things of woe and of pain, shared by others who are equally tortured.

I dedicate this article - and indeed this blog - to the memory of an individual who has brought me inspiration, much needed counsel and much joy. Should we one day be reunited, I wish to be able to hold my head up with the confidence that our temporary parting is one which has not dented my conviction that the fight against our enemies must be fought to the fullest; nay, which has given me a deeper conviction that for the sake of those now gone as well as those yet to come, we must be victorious in our struggle. To believe anything less would be an act of betrayal and to shatter the fragile chain which keeps us out of the clutches of those who seek to destroy all which is worthy of calling life.

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  1. Dear John
    I understand very well how and why you are emotionally feeling like you currently are.
    “Been there, done it and got loads of Tee shirts to prove it".

    Back in 1978, both of my parents took me to a local train station and wished me well for my “working holiday" on a farm in Alberta Canada which was owned by a guy by the name of Cliff and whilst I was away from my parents I suffered a severe attack of "home sickness". But a most important reality of that particular version of "home sickness" just so happened to include them dying very soon after I had left them to go to Canada.......
    As it turned out those fears of my home sickness were correct because both of my parents died prematurely as a consequence of Jewish medical incompetence....Both of them died in their early 70’s!
    Anyways, “John Hardon”, if you really are who you claim to be then you will accept my offer to pay for a Taxi for you to come and visit me to prove who you really are wont you.
    And by the way, if you should have any doubts as to whether or not I can afford to pay for your taxi then perhaps you ought to know that my company turns over in excess of two grand a day!
    By the way John, what do you do for a living?...If you really are a “good-un” like I am then you would most likely take up my offer wouldn’t you!...Let us all see what transpires shall we?

    And on a slight change of subject:
    Why is it that you are now criticising Andre Anglin yet a few months ago you were apparently worshiping that Aussy “Expel the Parasite” bloke who worshipped Andre Anglin!

    Is it me or you who is “M..”...or neither of us ?

    AD (olf) Chetwynd

    You know where I live don’t you John, so FFS, come and visit me to prove that you are the real man that you make yourself out to be...... please.... please.