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Sunday, 31 August 2014

BOOM! 9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor With UZI Video 100% FAKE! - Here's The Proof

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Nice try trolls, but this is a TOY GUN/Airsoft/Other

I have had the most trolls I have ever seen since I began doing this, on my first video on this alone, because it went viral. I will give you an example. There is one named Lorie Orlikowski, and she's a clever little troll.. With an image of her with a baby, so she'll seem like a real and concerned mother who should not be questioned... Well she was spamming my video, and all over the place typing up a storm, claiming Vacca had 4 kids... This is a BLATANT LIE!!! He had no kids! There's no kids in his records, no kids mentioned on the news, and NO kids on his damn facebook. At all. The trolls are out for this one people!

Check out what this super troll posted:

So let's recap:

1. The gun (without even comparing clips) sounds ABSOLUTELY 100% like a airsoft/toy gun. Definitely not a real gun.

2. Wife deleting her digital life in hours by morning because of "media coverage", which didn't even start yet. Liars and no one would be worried about shutting your internet life down hours after your husband got blasted.

3. The bombardment of trolls, their relentless attack and blatant lies on my first video which went viral on this, proves I am right here and this story is bull. Vacca had no kids. There's many other trolls I could show you guys I took screen shots, but you guys get the point.

Anyone wanna still doubt this story is bullshit?

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