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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Back Door to Britain: African Scum Heading for Britain Being Helped by Italian and French police

In the first three months of the year, 10,962 useless Niggers made the journey across the 
Mediterranean to Italy heading for Britain and Northern Europe (No Health checks)

Walking out of a Paris station this week, the exhausted Eritrean migrant in threadbare blue jumper raised his eyes in wonderment at his first sight of the French capital.

To his delight, Yonas Mugis had reached northern Europe in double-quick time: a mere seven days after being rescued by the Italian navy, along with 100 other African migrants crammed into a small boat that had sailed out from Libya and nearly sank in the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday afternoon, at a café opposite the magnificent Gare de Lyon, the 36-year-old told me with relief: 

‘I am on my way to Britain now. It is my first choice of country to live in. If it’s too difficult to get across the Channel at Calais, I will go further north to Sweden or Norway.’
Mugis thinks he’s lucky to have made it so far so quickly. Yet I discovered this week that he’s far from exceptional: thousands like him are heading for Britain just days after landing in Italy from Africa. In an exodus of epic proportions, they move relentlessly up through Europe — and no one it seems can, or is even inclined, to stop them.

Encouraged by a border-free Europe and a desperate desire for a better life, 95,000 migrants have arrived in Italy this year, and another 5,000 will be here by the end of the month. Under European Union rules, migrants are meant to stay in the first country they reach in Europe. Instead, they walk out of Italy’s holding camps and slip across the porous Italian-French border on the chic Riviera while police from both countries turn a blind eye.

I was told by the French police that 2,500 migrants cross from the Italian town of Ventimiglia to the pretty seaside resort of Menton, a few miles into France, each week. Most take the train; others pay traffickers €50 to be driven by car, and the rest walk in broad daylight along the coast road, where the abandoned border control hut still stands.

Illegal immigrant Yanos Musgis, a 36 year-old Eritrean seen talking to Daily Mail 
writer Sue Reid outside the Gare De Lyon railway station in Paris

The thriving migrant route leads to Nice, the Cote d’Azur’s main city, with its regular buses and trains to Paris. From there, it is less than three hours or so by train to the ferry port of Calais, where they can try to cross the English Channel to Britain. If they are unsuccessful, they might head for Germany or Scandinavia.

Last week, 1,300 migrants rioted at Calais in a turf war between Eritreans and Sudanese over the best spots to climb onto lorries bound for Britain.

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