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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Australia: Subversive Jew Parasites Explode Over Antisemitic Leaflets in Sydney

By Marcus Cicero

The content of the leaflets is relatively sound and accurate, although a bit of grammar/spelling correction and some visual graphics would have helped. Despite being quite amateurish, the Jews are still howling for White blood.

A minor propaganda campaign in the area around Sydney, Australia, has driven the filthy Jew population of the area into an apoplectic rage, with the distribution of factual anti-Semitic leaflets.

The flyers, which expose the Jewish domination of Hollywood, the American press, and the degeneracy promoted by the media, have drawn rabid condemnation from the subversive vermin that unfortunately dwell in the Land Down Under.

A group calling themselves “Squadron 88″ has taken credit for the campaign, and seems to be a clique associated with Stormfront, in addition to possessing a Facebook account. They have also announced their intention of distributing thousands of additional leaflets in the near-future, which are allegedly already complete and organized.

Residents of a predominantly Jewish street in Bondi received the flyers on Monday, an American-based Jewish newspaper has reported.
The Algemeiner reported that the flyers, which stated that “Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times throughout history”, were hand delivered to mail boxes.
The flyers also included an invitation for people to join Squadron 88, a local white power group which claim to have printed more than 10,000 flyers for distribution.
The group, whose Facebook page has garnered more than 200 likes since its creation in June, has been condemned by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.
Chief executive officer Vic Alhadeff told SBS the flyer contained “an appalling litany of hate speech”.
“It is deeply concerning that such blatant race hatred is alive and well in our country and it is instructive that such groups believe the climate is now conducive for them to come out of the woodwork,” he said.
“Racism and race hatred is a threat to our nation and its security,” a local politician said.
“It must be opposed, called out and condemned wherever it is found.
“The racist, anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Bondi today are not just a crude and vicious attempt to intimidate and insult the Jewish community, these leaflets seek to undermine the security and the harmony of Australia and hence of all Australians.”
Yes, the rise of racial hatred is most certainly a threat to Australia’s future security and prosperity, with the Jewish nation-wreckers continuously attempting to weaken and overwhelm the White residents of what was previously a semi-inhabited wilderness. The never-ending tidal wave of feral migrant hordes, combined with idiotic Cultural Marxism, runs the risk of utterly crushing a prosperous and beautiful land, and must be halted at any cost.

By observing the deranged reactions of the Jew to such a simple act of defiance, we come to the understanding that this kind of resistance must be increased exponentially. The World Parasite cannot stay quiet in the face of our propaganda exposure, and had the tendency to lose all composure when confronted with the truth.

Our mission must be to bring the word of our Cause to the masses in any way possible, although abiding by specific national laws and ordinances. To those who still retain a semblance of freedom of speech, especially within the United States, there really is no excuse for not beginning covert leaflet creations. It will be publicized and hyped to the extreme, as our enemies lack the emotional restraint to do otherwise.

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  1. At least the senders didn't drop them out of an airplane prior to genocide like