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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

'army could be seen on UK streets' if British jihadis return from war - Ex-SAS officer warns

A FORMER SAS officer has warned the army could be seen on UK streets, if "hardened and desensitised" British jihadis return from Iraq and Syria.

Mr Ryan warned of the dangers of militants like Reyaad Khan, top left, 
returning to the UK

Chris Ryan, who served in the SAS for 10 years and was awarded a military medal, revealed his fears over Britons who have joined Islamic State (IS) extremists in the Middle East. He said that European jihadists returning from fighting abroad posed a threat to their native countries.

The solider-turned-author told the Daily Mirror

“My biggest fear is when they come back to the UK, Germany and France.
"They will join forces again and develop ways of bringing in military grade explosives and weaponry.
"Once they hit us in that state, they will be all over the police like a rash.
"We’ll see the deployment of troops on the ground in Britain because that’s the only way you’ll stop them.”
The 53-year-old said he believed the SAS can overcome IS fighters if they work alongside American special forces.

Last week, it was reported SAS soldiers are on the ground in northern Iraq as part of an international bid to rescue up to 30,000 Yazidi refugees

Mr Ryan added: 

"You wouldn’t need thousands of ordinary troops on the ground.
“Small tactical units of special forces go in and take down targets."
Mr Ryan also joined other military figures in calling for Prime Minister David Cameron to cancel his second holiday of the summer and recall parliament to deal with the situation in Iraq.

Former head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, claimed the "nation would expect" MPs to return to Westminster over the ongoing crisis.

The ex-defence adviser to Mr Cameron told BBC Breakfast: 
"I think Members of Parliament and members of the House of Lords will get very frustrated if they stay in recess through August and September until October.
"It is not the same as last year, the end of August, when there was a specific proposition that the British might support the Americans in bombing [Syrian president Bashar] Assad's chemical capability, that was a specific issue.
"But I think there will come a point as this general set of circumstances unfolds, when Parliament needs to come back together, people need to have a full debate about it and express their point of view.
"I think the nation would expect that."

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