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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Are Jewish fathers allowed to have sex with their daughters? What does the Talmud say? ... Jews and Child Sex ...

I would like folks to chew the cud on what I am about to tell you, because these Jews are such perverts when it comes to sex (Rabbi's sucking little boy's p*nises, etc).

A black girl I know well, whose father sent her to be educated at a Jewish school here in Johannesburg one day asked me this question: Is it true that Jewish fathers take the virginity of their daughters?

I have never heard of this from any of you or any of my sources. But it is a question that sits in my mind. I asked her where she'd heard it and she said it was something that was doing the rounds among blacks.

Blacks know our sexual habits very well. When my mother was alive, the black maids in the neighbourhood would tell you: This white man is sleeping with that white woman, etc. Blacks take an interest in this stuff and they watch what whites get up to.

But the Jews in South Africa tend to be well off and the Jews, have blacks working for them - often more than one. So I ask myself this: Could it be that black maids working for Jews and being around Jews have picked up on this?

This sort of thing would not be doing the rounds among the blacks for no reason and I can't think of any other way that it could have come to their attention.

I think it is something we must keep our eyes and ears open for as we are doing research and speaking to people.

I've been thinking more about this, especially since we've come across so much Jewish weirdness and perversion with respect to sex. They seem to do the most bizarre things imaginable. And this idea of father's having sex with their daughters somehow strikes me as perhaps not such an impossible notion with respect to them. And they tend to have terms and words for all these bizarre concepts of theirs.

I thought I'd put this out in the hope of getting some feedback at some point as we try to dig for THE TRUTH! The most valuable thing of all ... THE TRUTH!!!

After writing the above, I decided to do a bit of hunting myself and was quite surprised by what I found. And perhaps the answer is almost at hand.

Apparently Jewish daughters are allowed to have sex with their fathers:-

Daughters can have sex with their father

The next day the older daughter said to the younger, 
"Last night I lay with my father. Let's get him to drink wine again tonight, and you go in and lie with him so we can preserve our family line through our father."
Genesis 19:34
You'll find it on this page, and I might add, according to this, CANNIBALISM (parents eating their children, is also allowed):

I notice too, at the above link, that the description of how Land Ownership works, may well be the way it works in Israel today. Apparently in Israel land is rented out on a 49 year basis or something like that. There is no permanent ownership of land.

I found a fascinating link which seems to be a Jewish website, where Jews, some of whom seem to be Professors, are writing in great detail about what the Talmud teaches, and it make for fascinating reading.

The one paragraph I want to share with you is this one, because it seems to fall in line with the behaviour of some Jews, even Rabbis with regard to sex with children. A Jew may have sex with a girl UNDER 3 YEARS OLD and with a BOY UNDER 9 YEARS OLD! Here it is:-
In Sex with Children by Talmud Rules, (34) we learned that under Talmud law, grown men may have sexual intercourse with children. Sex with girls younger than three years old is specifically permitted. We learned that the little girls are wounded and bleed as a result. Little girls may bleed after each copulation. The Sages teach that the repeated bleeding is the result of the hymen growing back and being newly ruptured with each copulation. We learned that Jewish law permits male homosexuality if the passive partner is younger than nine years old, and that homosexuality between adult men is punishable by death. We wondered how these laws could be integrated into the present system of American law and custom.
Here's the link for the above:

You will find 2 other paragraphs on that page with respect to sex. It makes for very interesting reading regarding "Kosher Sex" and what is and is not allowed.

But, in the above paragraph is a link to an entire detailed and very fascinating page which I just glanced at a bit, but it looks like there's astounding stuff in there. There's some wild stuff here:

In the links below are references to fathers sticking fingers into daughter's vaginas.

At this website link it seems they've taken these ideas and applied it to Christianity:

This link seems interesting:

For your research:-
Wikipedia: Jewish views on Incest:

That should give folks some food for thought.

PS: In the first link, I gave, you may want to read the sections on how many wives a Jew may have as well as their rights. It makes for very strange reading.
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