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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Andre Anglin (editor of the Daily Stormer) Controlled Opposition Music Video

Does anyone have any views or thoughts on the video below? If so please comment. I will be publishing my views on Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer in a later post. J.H.


  1. Heard he was some sort of mongrel, shame, as some of his articles were quite interesting! Anyway, I hope he is persona-non-grata - so to speak! 14w

  2. I wouldn't trust him.

    Andre The "Mixed-Albino-Midget-Troll" Hates White People
    White people fucked everybody.

    Andre The "Mixed-Albino-Midget-Troll" Speaks
    Mixed races would be a positive progression for everyone. I think White people should be bred out.

    Andre Only Attracted to Black Girls

    Andre Anglin with Filipino Girlfriend:

  3. I don't need to ask what you think John nor you I.

    Sincerity is a hard thing to fake over time especiallty when the agenda is deceit and subversion.

    Read Incogman's Phillip Marlowe editorial's over the years and the sincerity is clear and consistent.

    DailyStormer born out of zioncrimefactory's self combustion is just another attempt to herd the awakening goy.

    Trouble is there's a lot of young impressionable generations being pulled into his web who hang on his every word, sadly.
    I only engage where the lies are simply too big to ignore (promoting Paul Weston and every other counter-jihad kike trap etc).

    It's editorial is going the same way ZionCrimeFactory went, with the same pattern and arguments made to define precisely how we can examine this jewish problem.

    180 degree turn in philosophy overnight without a moments pause for thought or doubt.
    That was my first question and everything else done since has only crystalised that view.

    Delenda Est judaica!

    1. I strongly agree! All you have to do is take a look at what anglin does. There is a very clear established pattern that confirms he is not "one of us".

    2. TRUTH WILL OUT stated the issue perfectly. The issue is DECEIT and SUBVERSION.

      Anglin reeks of both.

  4. Good way to weed the shills out John. Shame none of them have the courage to put names or faces to their attempts at sabotaging anything Pro-White becoming a success.

    Truth Will Out, you do nothing but misrepresent people and try to distract them from the issues at hand. You know full well Andre doesnt give a damn what people think about Sandy Hook because it is not really that important is it?

    What is important is our race being displaced and bred out of existence. That is what people need to realise and exactly who it is behind it, not whether news crews employ actors or give them scripts to read.

    Zion Crime Factory had nothing to do with DS or TF as you well know. But your speciality is spreading falshoods and misrepresenting people isnt it. Thats why you get shown up every time you post at DS.

    Bringing up things people said years ago and then misrepresenting them as what they think now, shows you what sort of people they are that doing this John.

    DS has had DOS attacks all weekend knocking out the servers and then at the same time, there are small-minded egotistical back-stabbers doing their best to discredit DS that actually come from our own side. Its no wonder we dont have any successful resistance yet.

    Its pathetic.

    Andre has addressed all that crap countless times before. Here are the most recent times:

    He also pointed out the things he had said and even linked to where he had said them when he first started with TF.

    Those videos are either shameful behaviour from people whose only talent is shooting themselves in the foot, or like the DOS attacks, organised by the actually enemy, rather than the misguided one in our own ranks.


    1. You "sven" … or shall I address you as "Hymie" (?) are a piece of shit. anglin is most definitely a mixed mongrel midget. You too? I understand you also tow the (m)ass media line on every single one of their agenda setting narratives. We know what you bastards are all about. Fuck off back to israel you faggot.

  5. You know the site is down right now, by organised DOS attack from Antifas, and while that is going on, our own side thinks its clever to attack him from behind.


    1. You are a stupid cock sucking jew.

  6. Anglin is NOT "pro-White". That is BULLSHIT! First of all, he's a mere 5 feet tall. A veritable midget. Look into his disgusting background. Inquire about his bastard father and how he mind fucks people for a living. Anglin fucks nasty negro hoes…. while attempting to steer people AWAY from leaning about MEDIA DECEPTION. Lenin made it very clear that the jews create and run their own CONTROLLED OPPOSITION so they can steer it into a dead end. Anglin is doing just that. BTW, when is that last time you ever saw a 5 foot tall adult "White" guy? How about "NEVER"!

  7. The crystal meth and cocaine will fix little Andy's issues. He is is over his midget head.

    1. Obviously meant to say, "He is 'IN' over his midget head."