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Saturday, 30 August 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different: We Were Called, Now We Are Come

We Were Called, Now We Are Come

By Candace Frieze
July 13, 2006

Once upon a time, many were called, invited, to uplift, raise up the Earth. It had become a prison planet to house those dark beings from about Nebadon, until this Day of Judgment. It was hoped that under this dark concentration of energy, that some would begin to see the light, by experiencing what they had created. And the plan was successful for many. For some, it was not.

Earth souls, those who had evolved in the evolutionary process upon the planet found great suffering in this. All of the Earth was overcome by much darkness, and much of the genetics was changed by dark lords, to delay and hopefully prevent the light from appearing on the planet. This is what is meant by the term antichrist, that which is against light and life. Evil is live, spelled backwards.

At one time, Earth was offered the opportunity of assistance from higher realms and other planets in light and by vote, it was rejected. It was rejected because many who voted, lived in a state of fear, much as we still see upon the planet now. So the call went out, to ask many to incarnate, adopt Earth, and work within. And it was answered.

 SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL (aka 'Jesus' from the bible)

First came 144,000 Christed Beings. These were challenged time and again and often made out to be witches and killed. This proved to not be adequate, those original 144,000. The dark that chose not to change rose even more so against the light. So the call went out again for volunteers to assist, and we came, and we came and we came. There are now around 200 million advanced star incarnates on the Earth plane.

I am one of those myself, having come around 400 years ago. Many came from my planet, called Myrua, long into Light and Light. This is my 6th incarnation into the physical plane of Earth, and I AM a Christed Being, and also a Sananda, meaning One with God.

We came to assist from within, in the numbers needed to effect the change. Many who have come are Ascended Masters, fused with their Thought Adjusters, the Father Fragment. Some are way past that level. They come to demonstrate The Way, that many on the Earth plane might chose this awesome outcome for themselves, and begin the Eternal Journey to Godhood. Fusing with ones' Father Fragment guarantees being written into the Book of Life. It is one's personal Ascension but the whole of the process. Ascension is ever ongoing as knowledge is accumulated.

Over our past incarnations, and current ones, we demonstrate sovereignty, and we become vessels of upliftment throughout the many areas of need upon Urantia. By our works, has the planet come to this point, to where she is almost ready for the Advent of God, the entry into the hallowed stage of Light and Life.

Go back and look at the title of this piece. We Were Called, (and we answered) and Now We Are Come. Now to look at it, the phrase Now We Are Come, seems semantically a little difficult. I did not write," we have come," because that is past tense. Now We Are Come means we are now coming into our full power. We are becoming aware that we came to uplift this planet, and we are aware, that now is truly the time to consolidate our power to a higher cause.

Many are organizing together, Two Or More In My Name, for the purpose of raising this planet and her peoples into 5D, the initial stage of Light and Life. NOW WE ARE COME, as members of the Second Coming Process, in association with our Christ, the Creator Son of Nebadon, and His chosen Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.

We are Co Creators in this grand adventure of raising up a planet, long in darkness, to its full estate, ETERNAL LIFE. This is the Resurrection, in the greater understanding of the word. WE ARE The Way, The Resurrection, and the Life, beloveds. Now, We Are Come to resurrect Urantia and all of her life forms, from the throws of Death, and into Eternal Life. We Are Come, as Many Messiahs, Two Or More In My Name! We are close to bringing the ADVENT OF GOD.

Those of you who are now reading this message, if you see the vision, you are invited to place your Messianic Mission Statement on AbundantHope's Messianic Forum, currently accessed by clicking the Messianic Forum button, on the main page of our website, The Messianic Forum provides a place for community and discussion among those that are creating missions in association with AbundantHope, a Second Coming organization.

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  1. I quote the author of this article: Candace Frieze

    We Are Come to resurrect Urantia and all of her life forms, from the throws of Death, and into Eternal Life. We Are Come, as Many Messiahs,
    End of quote.

    WOW . . . really,
    you are come???
    And as many Messiahs!

    I don’t think so . . . there’s only ONE and you’re about to meet HIM and if HE think about you the same as I see you as [after reading this dribble.] you’re in for a everlasting burning sensation, wow! You earned a double whammy fire from just that one paragraph that caught my eye . . .
    And you believe real YAHWEH fearing Christians will fall for this jewpsy gimmick??
    This dribble is hard to swallow, you need more sugar-coating . . . but then as with your kind . . . you just can’t wait, spill the beans and blast it out thus spoiling the overall effect so jewish it reeks.

    And the failure you lot are experiencing at saving this planet will continue till we the real Christians turn back to YAHWEH our God as a collective and HE and only HE lifts the punishment HE placed on us for not obeying HIS laws. Not the jews, not the moslems not the pope nor any other so-called deity small “g” god will conquer the EARHT, as the Earth is the footstool of YAHWEH and the Prison Planet for the seed of satan the jews and the beasts of the field with feet and hands.
    Good luck, you’ll need it – just in case you think you’ll be raptured out at the end of the age . . . . sorry, flight 666 was cancelled – no can go.

    Good luck with the other Blog, I got notified by email.

  2. Get to know the kike jew . . .

    Look at, listen-up and take note. . . then listen and look again - it's worth it and you'll understand soooo much more.