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Saturday, 9 August 2014


Despite an onslaught of patriotic individuals denouncing radio host Alex Jones for refusing to spend time talking about the world’s Jewish problem, he apparently has plenty of time to promote Illuminati conspiracy fantasies. On his Friday August 8, 2014 show Jones decided to bring on Mark Dice who has been at the forefront of discussing these topics. This is quite frankly inexcusable considering how obvious it is that we have Jews in key positions of power that are literally destroying much of the world as we speak. Pontificating about the Illuminati is nothing more than an attempt to provide a confusing distraction from what is most important.

To be fair, it is worth understanding the Illuminati as a historical organization but there is no proof to suggest that it still exists as a functional group. In today’s world the Illuminati is used as an umbrella term to describe different secret societies that may have similar goals. Even though you could argue that it still exists in that sense, there is still a great deal of confusion and disagreement over what the Illuminati would actually represent. With that said, even if you find the Illuminati an interesting topic to research and explore, it is not a very relevant issue considering that we can easily prove the damaging nature of Jewish power.

The Illuminati is a fantastic distraction for the Jews because it is a topic that is highly speculative and easily creates disagreement among researchers. It effectively neutralizes resistance to Jewish power because you get people arguing endlessly over the nuances of this topic.

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time analyzing everything Jones and Dice discussed but suffice to say it consisted of a great deal of confusing information linking the Illuminati with organizations like Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bohemian Club and even people like pop singer Katy Perry. Dice would also bring up the Germanic death cult angle which Jones and many others have heavily promoted in discussions about the Illuminati.

Dice would even go so far as to talk about Skull and Bones members eating off of Adolf Hitler’s silverware to convey to the audience how evil the group was. Of course since the Jews through many of their Hollywood film productions say Hitler was the most evil man ever to live, it must be true according to his twisted logic.

It would take a very lengthy article to cover all the weirdness and confusion promoted by both Jones and Dice and it quite frankly isn’t worth the time. If you wish to see it for yourself the Illuminati discussion starts at 22:30 in the below video clip and continues for about 5 minutes into the second video clip.

Once again, there is no time for us to go back and forth on Illuminati conspiracy fantasies even if particular aspects of the topic can be proven true. This type of confusing material serves no purpose but to get everyone disagreeing with one another which is the last thing we need considering the circumstances of our situation. We need to unite behind a message that everyone can easily understand and the Illuminati for the reasons mentioned previously, does not satisfy that requirement.

Right now we have a parasitical race of alien people known as Jews who are now dominating most institutions of importance in Western societies. Our energy needs to be focused on exposing these people so they can be removed from power. Only until they are removed can we hope to rebuild and restore White European civilization to greatness. Alex Jones, Mark Dice and other so-called truth movement figures who continually fail to seriously address the Jewish question need to be called out and discredited until they finally decide to start addressing these issues.

In the case of Jones it is doubtful he will ever legitimately talk about Jewish power considering he is married to a Jewish wife, has Jewish children and has accumulated millions of dollars through Jewish sponsors. Even still, the more he is discredited, the more people will join our side as we establish a unified resistance to the Jewish problem with a singular and cohesive message that everyone can easily understand.

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  1. There is NO doubt. They even publish it, again and again, in their own writings. This New World Order is exactly that, a JEW World "Order".
    People speak of the "illuminati." Do you mean the illuminati created by the Jew Rothschild who told fellow Jew Adam Weishaupt to convert for appearances? Yes, there is some accuracy to say it is the illuminati then.

    Some say it is the Vatican. The same Vatican that the Jews infiltrated centuries ago and have had several Jewish Poops and the same Vatican they still control today? Then, yes, it is accurate to say the Vatican !!!

    Some say it is the Freemasons. Do you mean the Freemasons who use the Masonic compass & square, Satanic Star of Moloch, god of war & child sacrifice, as their symbol? The same Freemasonry that many Jewish writers have described as being created by the Jews? Yes, it is accurate to say that then.

    Some say it is the Jesuits. The Jesuits that were started by crypto-Jew San Ignacio de Loyola? Yes, it is then accurate.

    The truth is there is one attribute that binds the world's most powerful, influential leaders. These secret societies exist as a cover as well as a screening device to decide which goy they can place in ostensible positions of power. This, however, is absolutely true. It is, and always has been, The Synagogue of Satan.