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Monday, 11 August 2014

According to media reports, SPD-led Rhineland-Palatinate [tn: The SPD is the Socialist party] plans an Islam-friendly redesign of education. So, for example, in sports lessons the classes should be separated according to sex - and class trips should not take place during Ramadan.
The SPD-led Rhineland-Palatinate ministry of culture is planning an Islam-friendly redesign of education in the state schools. According to the news magazine Focus, this emerges from a letter currently being distributed to teachers. The guidelines recommend "the organisation of sex education in sex-specific groups" and that "sport and swimming education separated by sex after puberty" be offered. Class trips should "to the maximum extent possible not" take place during the fasting month of Ramadan. The sensitivities of Muslims should also be taken into account in the planning of traineeships and school parties. Fasting can lead to "restrictions on the ability of pupils to work or to concentrate", warn the authors. It is a delicate matter if lots of classwork needs to be written during Ramadan. Therefore "flexible solutions" should be found.

Source: Der Westen Via: Kybeline

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