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Saturday, 9 August 2014

365 McD’s Losing Money – Good! Maybe It Is Negro Fatigue & Corporate Welfare Woes?

The authors speculate that people are no longer going McDonalds because it’s foods are not ‘green’ etc.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’d like to think that people, mainly most Working White people, are boycotting this establishment as it caters to Black Culture with its slogan 365 Black. How can any sane Working White today who is aware and awake and who follows the explosion of Black on White crime not have severe Negro Fatigue?

Negro Fatigue has caused me to boycott McDs, plus the fact that this corporation encourages its workers to use foodstamps – talk about Corporate Welfare.

Thanks but no more Happy Meals for me.


  1. Rap is crap, so is fast food. McDonald's is a corporate pirate, staffed by life-forms not seen in Israel, thus... Good for Jews, bad for Whites.

    Red Neck n proud.
    (Oklahoma USA)

  2. mcdonald's is very anti-white and pro-black racist. they are just settling up with the piper.

  3. My neighborhood is around 15% black but inside our local McDonald's it's at least 70% Black & mostly the very worst saggy pants types. Hope they enjoy their new customer base. McDonald's is the place to go for World Star Hip Hop type incidents.