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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Police clash with ANTIFA protesters in Stockholm

Violence broke between riot police and protesters in Stockholm’s Kungstradgarden, Saturday, as thousands gathered to rally against far-right Party of the Swedes’ (SVP) rally.


Dog walkers have been left stunned by the discovery of sausages which were laced with nails and scattered around a popular park.

Anti-animal cruelty charity Peta is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit. Around 4000 cooked cocktail sausages embedded with up to ten one-inch long metal nails have been found and could be lethal for any animal attempting to eat them.
Police in Abergavenny, South Wales, have warned dog walkers to be vigilant after the sausages were discovered on playing fields popular with the pet owners.

Peta spokesman Ben Williamson said: 
‘It is imperative that any community faced with such horrific abuse of animals take measures to find the culprit or culprits and stop the violence.
‘Animal abusers are a danger to everyone – they take their issues out on whoever is available to them, human or non-human.’
Vet Ben Hynes said he was ‘shocked and appalled’ after being shown some of the potentially deadly sausages. He added: 
‘Had it not been for these extremely observant people out walking their own dogs, we could have easily seen a spate of dogs facing a slow, but certain death.
‘Luckily we haven’t had any emergencies but if we had, the animals would have been suffering from vomiting, bleeding and I have no doubt the result would have been fatal.
‘There is absolutely no way that this can be anything other than the intention to kill animals.’
One shocked dog walker, who asked not to be named, said he noticed the sun reflecting off a nail in one of the sausages. He said: 
‘My dog, which was on a lead, started to sniff at a sausage on the ground, but I immediately pulled him back when I saw something shining back at me.
‘On closer inspection I realised that it had about nine or ten nails in it and thought that this was no coincidence.
‘I looked around and found a lot more of these sausages – I must have collected close to 40. I have been extra diligent while out walking my dogs since.’
A police spokesman said: 
‘This is a very worrying incident, especially as they are being left on playing fields where not only dogs but children could be harmed by these sausages.’
Upon analysis, this could quite easily be a Left-Wing backed Islamic terror plot. The Islamic extremists realise that it is now increasingly harder to attack our people directly using violence so what better an idea than to attack man’s best friend – dogs.

This is the sort of brutal tactics that one can expect from the Islamic extremist – targeting natures most vulnerable and defenseless creatures using such evil tactics.

This is just the view of this editor, freedom of speech through analysis of these crimes. No doubt this article will be reported to the police for “incitement to racial hatred” but actually we’re not inciting any hatred; we’re merely pointing out that Islamic extremists could well have been behind this terror plot.

The way how we drew to this conclusion was simple; firstly understanding the fact that these “Nail attacks” were in fact a “terror plot” is pivotal in this conclusion. So we’ve therefore established that terrorists were responsible; next we look at the extremists in Britain who have used nails as a means of terror – Islamic extremists.

The other point to note; this is not an article directed towards Muslims; this is an article directed towards Islamic Extremists.


Faggot Daniel Pierce

For some unknown reason, a substantial number of people have given a 19-year-old faggot named Daniel Pierce $90,000 in donations to cover his living expenses after a video posted online appears to show his parents disowning him due to his homosexuality. It is hard to blame his family for being mad considering that he is choosing to enter a life of sexual depravity.

In the past, queers like Pierce would be put in a mental institution to help cure them of this psychological disorder. Now thanks to Jewish promoted cultural Marxism, people are celebrating this disgusting and immoral life style.

From London Independent:

A man who was allegedly disowned by his family after they confronted him about being gay in a “delayed intervention” has received over $90,000 (£54,000) in donations within just three days to cover his living expenses.
Daniel Pierce surreptitiously filmed the moment his father, grandparents, step-mother and his father’s sister accused him of “making a choice” and choosing his sexuality.
He said his family staged what he described as a “pray the gay away” intervention after he first revealed his sexuality to his stepmother in October.
In the five minute clip, the 19-year-old from Georgia can be heard explaining he has not chosen his sexuality, to which a woman responds:
“No, you can deny it all you want to but I believe in the word of God, and God creates nobody that way. It’s a path that you have chosen to choose.”
“Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live, because I will not let people believe that I condone what you do.”
When he asks his stepmother if he can stay in the house and live in the basement he is told firmly he cannot. A woman can then be heard screaming at him:
“You’re full of s***. You told me on the phone that you made that choice. You know you wasn’t born that way.”
Shortly after this, his family appear to confront Mr Pierce and a man can be heard shouting “You’re a damn queer” as the altercation continues.

The Legend of 9/11 — 13 Years On by Anthony Lawson

White Independent Nation: White Resistance (34)

BOOM! 9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor With UZI Video 100% FAKE! - Here's The Proof

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Nice try trolls, but this is a TOY GUN/Airsoft/Other

I have had the most trolls I have ever seen since I began doing this, on my first video on this alone, because it went viral. I will give you an example. There is one named Lorie Orlikowski, and she's a clever little troll.. With an image of her with a baby, so she'll seem like a real and concerned mother who should not be questioned... Well she was spamming my video, and all over the place typing up a storm, claiming Vacca had 4 kids... This is a BLATANT LIE!!! He had no kids! There's no kids in his records, no kids mentioned on the news, and NO kids on his damn facebook. At all. The trolls are out for this one people!

Check out what this super troll posted:

So let's recap:

1. The gun (without even comparing clips) sounds ABSOLUTELY 100% like a airsoft/toy gun. Definitely not a real gun.

2. Wife deleting her digital life in hours by morning because of "media coverage", which didn't even start yet. Liars and no one would be worried about shutting your internet life down hours after your husband got blasted.

3. The bombardment of trolls, their relentless attack and blatant lies on my first video which went viral on this, proves I am right here and this story is bull. Vacca had no kids. There's many other trolls I could show you guys I took screen shots, but you guys get the point.

Anyone wanna still doubt this story is bullshit?

BBC TV Poll: 95% of British think Multiculturalism isn’t working.

Owen Jones was the anti-White guy speaking after the poll. Notice how he bragged that Britain “has one of the highest levels of inter-racial relationships in the world“, so he says.

He claimed that the “real issue” is not that White people don’t like being in minority White areas; he says that “segregation” is the problem – the fact that most White people move out of an area when there are too many non-Whites.

In other words, the real problem according to Jones is that there are still majority White areas in the UK which haven’t been “diversified” enough.

He pretty much summed up his anti-White lies with “lets promote communities which are mixed“.

These next years will be very interesting because more and more people are waking up to the fact that there has been a deliberate policy in many White countries to get rid of White people.

If any other group of people were chased across the planet and forced to accept living as a minority it would be called genocide. But in the case of White people, it is called “diversity” or “population shift”.

Nothing could be further from the truth – it’s White genocide. Anti-Whites say “diversity” but what they mean is “we must get rid of White majority areas”. Diversity is just their codeword for White genocide.

NATO Accuses Russia of Violating Ukraine’s Sovereignty

Oh, that’s hilarious! As if NATO (a Jewish production) doesn’t violate other countries’ sovereignty, e.g., NATO war planes bombing the Serbs in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. (FRY was a sovereign country formed in 1992 by Serbia and Montenegro). The Serbs posed no threat to any NATO country in 1999. The goal of NATO, just like the goal of the UN, is to remake the world into a “New World Order” that is acceptable to the Jews and their shabbos goys. NATO came from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which was written by a Jew named Leo Pasvolsky. Two Jews were heavily involved in producing the NATO bombing campaign against the Serbs: Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke.


We Must Crush The New Age Movement

By Shaun de Moray

We live in the Age of the Internet. Before this age, education, news, and culture was disseminated through regionalist organs of delivery such as the TV, the radio, government libraries, and, for those people stuck with the superstitions of the Middle Ages, the pulpit. This was our experienced reality, so very few people could contemplate politics outside the confines of what was available: System-Propaganda

Only men with incredible amounts of patience, intelligence and luck would ever get close to the political truth. Some men did. We can read these amazing people today, so it is difficult for us to understand that political information used to be far, far scarcer than it is today. We are lucky!

Think about it this way: how many people in the European nationalist scene would have known about the Bilderberg Group, the Frankfurt School, the true nature of Israel, the Zionist control of the West, the Jewish control of the media, the International Banksters, and the White geNOcide Project before the mass availability of the Internet? Maybe some leaders, sure, but we have to face facts: pre-Internet nationalists didn’t know as much about the context of the struggle as we do today.

The problem?

Amongst our people, an understanding of the nationalist struggle is still esoteric. Despite the huge amounts of information available to any of our people who wish to understand our perspective, many people are afraid to access this information because it could get them into trouble and instead, they seek softer options, allowing themselves to be led down blind alleys by people like David Icke, Alex Jones, and, due to the way he has changed his core message of White survival and allied himself with the anti-Zionist left, David Duke.

The Internet is great for waking people up; but many of our people lack the mental strength needed to take on the System for what it is really doing: committing genocide against the White race. Such people often cannot face up to the truth and so in acts of pure self-deception they pretend to be challenging the System when all they are really doing is listening to deluded ideologues, dancing to degenerate music, and taking drugs.

Deep down, most of these people must know they aren’t really challenging the System as they spew out poltically correct cliches that never stray past ”dangerous” ideas such as heavily taxing the rich. But we have to face reality: until the day arrives when we can eradicate these pitiful tendencies amongst so many of the ”free-thinking” caste of our people, this will be the maximum extent of ”rebellion” for most of our race!

What can we do?

We nationalists who are capable of seeing through all the disinformation, nonsense, and cowardice of the ”New Age Conspiracy Movement”, are faced with a major challenge: we must, in every way possible, take on the New Agers until every last person who is capable of thinking for themselves knows we are speaking the truth. There is no other way. We won’t be able to smash the System if a significant portion of potential revolutionaries suffer from a delusion that we can’t defeat our enemies because they’re descended from inter-dimensional aliens, or some other such rubbish.

If the nationalist movement can gather the best of our race into a formidable force the fake opposition movements can be silenced. We must give the masses of our poeple more reasons to follow us than the state! We need to become the only option for our people. We need to do this by becoming the only legitimate vehicle for revolution.

We have advantages. The System is a huge, cumbersome, corrupt, rotting and failing machine, and the New Agers challenging it are idiots. We must win the meta-political struggle. We must be prepared to fight for the 14 words!

Rotherham: Taking Revenge on Traditional Britain

Worthless White Trash

Roger Scruton has penned a characteristically brilliant article on the Rotherham madness (“British Police Ignored 1,400 Cases Of Pakistani Muslim Gangs Raping And Abusing Children In Rotherham“). He traces the hyper-political correctness apparent in Rotherham to the Stephen Lawrence case which was a watershed event resulting in the complete victory of the anti-White left in the UK (see Tobias Langdon’s article on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry).
Fifteen years ago, when these crimes [in Rotherham] were just beginning, the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry into the conduct of the British police was made by Sir William Macpherson a High Court judge. The immediate occasion had been a murder in which the victim was black, the perpetrators white, and the behaviour of the investigating police lax and possibly prejudiced. The report accused the police – not just those involved in the case, but the entire police force of the country – of ‘institutionalised racism’. This piece of sociological newspeak was, at the time, very popular with leftist sociologists. For it made an accusation which could not be refuted by anyone who had the misfortune to be accused of it. …
Police more concerned with political correctness than crime
The result of this has been that police forces lean over backwards to avoid the accusation of racism, while social workers will hesitate to intervene in any case in which they could be accused of discriminating against ethnic minorities. Matters are made worse by the rise of militant Islam, which has added to the old crime of racism the new crime of ‘Islamophobia’. No social worker today will risk being accused of this crime. In Rotherham a social worker would be mad, and a police officer barely less so, to set out to investigate cases of suspected sexual abuse, when the perpetrators are Asian Muslims and the victims ethnically English. …
Unfortunately Political Correctness causes people not merely to disguise their beliefs but to refuse to act on them, to accuse others who confess to them, and in general to go along with policies that have been forced on the British people by minority groups of activists [e.g., Dr. Richard Stone in the Macpherson Inquiry]. The intention of the activists is to disrupt and dismantle the old forms of social order. They believe that our society is not just racist, but far too comfortable, far too unequal, far too bound up with fuddy-duddy old ways that are experienced by people at the bottom of society – the working classes, the immigrants, the homeless, the illegals – as oppressive and demeaning. They enthusiastically propagate the doctrines of political correctness as a way of taking revenge on a social order from which they feel alienated.
Ordinary people are so intimidated by this that they repeat the doctrines, like religious mantras which they hope will keep them safe in hostile territory. Hence people in Britain have accepted without resistance the huge transformations that have been inflicted on them over the last thirty years, largely by activists working through the Labour Party. They have accepted immigration policies that have filled our cities with disaffected Muslims, many of whom have now gone to fight against us in Syria and Iraq. They have accepted the growth of Islamic schools in which children are taught to prepare themselves for jihad against the surrounding social order. They have accepted the constant denigration of their country, its institutions and its inherited religion, for the simple reason that these things are theirs and therefore tainted with forbidden loyalties.
And when the truth is expressed at last, nobody is fired, no arrests are made, and the elected Police and Communities Commissioner for Rotherham, although forced to resign from the Labour Party, refuses to resign from his job. After a few weeks all will have been swept under the carpet, and the work of destruction can resume.
As in the U.S. and throughout the West, this is a top-down revolution carried out originally at the highest levels of society (e.g., Judge Macpherson’s court) by hostile [Jew] elites motivated by hatred of traditional Western societies. Although their rhetoric always promises a Utopian future free of ethnic strife and complete equality for all, it is motivated first and foremost by hatred and desire for revenge against the traditional peoples and cultures of the West. It is, as Scruton phrases it, “a way of taking revenge on a social order from which they feel alienated.”

Here the burden for explaining these transformations has been to document the critical importance (necessary condition) of the rise of Jews as a hostile elite alienated from traditional social orders of the West (here).

A revolution motivated by hatred does not bode well for the peoples who are being displaced and rendered powerless — the indigenous White populations of the West that are the target of this hatred. Rotherham is only a small foreboding of what the future will bring when Whites become a minority in the societies they created and dominated for hundreds, and in the case of Europe, many thousands of years.

No Strategy, No Problem

jihad fashionistas outfitted by your tax dollars

When Obama announced “we don’t have a strategy yet” for the Islamic Nation (formerly known as the band ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, he was playing his role. It allowed his 'opponents' in the left/right divide to get some rhetoric in giving appearances of a debate but among the congressional, administration and pentagon war whores, they are all on the same side.  

Yeah, just how do we stop our own US and allies creation from doing what they were hired to do? Killing too many of them could be bad for future recruitment and there will always be a need for future mercenary thug recruits in the the next country needing to be broken up. 

There is a strategy and this comment from antiwar may be close.....
Whether or not Obama knows it {ed. note, he knows it} he is following a strategy: the Oded Yinon plan. It calls for destabilization of the Middle East, breaking nations into smaller pieces that can be easily dominated by Israel. If the USG doesn't have a strategy yet, it's because Tel Aviv hasn't given it to them.
There's also, Why Does ISIS Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan? with plenty of questions that all journalists should be asking bur aren't.

We've heard it all before... The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil. One day these predictions could come true if the desperation for mayhem and total control outweighs all else in the minds of a few psychopaths. Can they fool the American people once again just because they have the major media squawking for them? Maybe not without shutting down the real alternative internet media and setting off big red flags and I think they know it.

So just how is this all going to play out? I'm not at all sure but Oded Yinon and PNAC gave us the basic game plan. It's a work in progress but this is not just about the Middle East. Most everyone in the west will also be affected in one way or another. Henry Kissinger lately suggested that his vision of 'a new world order' is in crisis. Translating that is the bastard criminal wants to see some kind of fruition to his life long dream and grunt work for an order by the few and slavery for the many after a culling of the herd. I'm looking forward to the national holiday and the cheers upon his demise but at the same time it may mean he never faced the justice he so rightly deserves... and that would be a shame.

Death is not the end. Our Struggle is Eternal

By Rufus

The death of a loved-one is never easy.  It is that much harder when the one you lose suffers excruciating pain before death. This month has been a particularly difficult one, with the loss of a confidant, a listener, an individual who was forthright yet compassionate, took no nonsense but wasn't patronising, and was in every way a kindred spirit.  Due to the nature of my writing, I cannot give the name or any other details of the great individual who has departed this world.  Why not?  

Because to do so would put the rest of my family in danger due to the malicious behaviour of those who promote the genocide of the European nation, under the lie of multiculturalism.

This month has been a month of caring for a dying loved-one, who died in my arms I have been focussed upon my kin to the exclusion of all other matters. There are people who I have been helping with various issues, who I have not been able to help due to my immediate family needing my absolute attention - I will endeavour to resume my help now that I am able to.

The loss of a loved-one puts everything into perspective. For me, the departure of someone who means so much to me, is obviously a time of great sadness, but it is also a reminder of just how little time we have in this world, and of how we must strive to not waste a moment of our precious time here.

We are but links in a chain which stretches from our most ancient ancestors until the last of our kin yet to come. We owe it to those who have come before us - and to those who we have lost - to ensure that we live our lives in ways which honour their memory. The best way to do this is to ensure we do our utmost to protect our bloodlines from contamination by the forces which seek to mongrelise us and make us slaves to the international enemy.

We are more than our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings. Our bodies are but vessels for us to operate in the physical realm. New-agers and internationalists deny the differences in the races, either through ignorance of biology or as a part of an agenda to reduce the world to a global slave state with one set of racially-identifiable overlords, and a mass of identity-less semi-humans who are fit only to serve them.

Carl Gustav Jung wrote of the unity of the race and the soul of the individual. A mongrelised mass would thus be a truly inhuman mass with the vessels being unfit for the occupation by the higher beings beyond the physical realm. 

Our distinct races exist as distinct vessels which can only be operated by our distinct collective racial souls. There are many theories about what happens to our inner selves after we depart this realm. If we return to another physical body, it can only be one which is the same racially as that which it left.

Mongrelised bodies must either be schizophrenic prisons for multiple souls, or they must be voids working as automatons which really are not fit to be classed as human. To look at the incidence of mental illness in those of mixed-race, is to find support for the view that mixed-race bodies are torture chambers for those trapped within them. We cannot allow our kin to return to vessels which have been turned from vessels of purity and beauty into things of woe and of pain, shared by others who are equally tortured.

I dedicate this article - and indeed this blog - to the memory of an individual who has brought me inspiration, much needed counsel and much joy. Should we one day be reunited, I wish to be able to hold my head up with the confidence that our temporary parting is one which has not dented my conviction that the fight against our enemies must be fought to the fullest; nay, which has given me a deeper conviction that for the sake of those now gone as well as those yet to come, we must be victorious in our struggle. To believe anything less would be an act of betrayal and to shatter the fragile chain which keeps us out of the clutches of those who seek to destroy all which is worthy of calling life.

he UK Spends $80 Million on a Massive Fence to Protect Politicians Ahead of NATO Summit

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.07.54 PM
Most of us woke up this morning to news that the UK had raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe.” Considering the competence and trustworthiness of the nation’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, there must be some specific threat they’re concerned about to justify instilling fear in a population of 65 million. Nope.

Although the new threat level rates the risk of an attack on the UK to “highly likely,” Home Secretary Theresa May stated that “there was no evidence to suggest one was imminent.” Well then.
It makes you wonder if the the change in threat level is being used in part to justify the extraordinary $80 million sum spent on building a fortress around the Newport and Cardiff city centers in Wales, which many are describing as “similar to the Berlin Wall,” or a “zoo,” in an unprecedented display of protection for many of the world’s most corrupt politicians.

The BBC reports that:

A security “ring of steel” is already in place at keys sites in Cardiff and in Newport – some 12 miles (20km) of fencing with pedestrian access points.
More than 150 heads of state and ministers including US President Barack Obama will attend the two-day summit.
Their entourage will include around 10,000 support staff, while 2,000 journalists are also expected to attend.
The man heading the security operation, which includes 1,500 officers from south Wales, has described it as “completely uncharted territory” for British policing and said “discreet” armed protection would also be used.
To mark the summit, the Royal Mint has struck a limited edition bronze commemorative “coin”.
Although not legal tender, the 150 coins feature the Nato logo and the words Nato Summit Wales 2014 in English and Welsh.
I’m sure glad they found time to create a commemorative coin amid all the imminent terror attacks.

Now here’s a quick cheat sheet. Recall that this is all for a 2-day summit:

  • 9,500 police will be present.
  • 7 NATO warships will be stationed off the Welsh coast.
  • 12 miles of steel fencing has been erected.
  • The fencing will be 9 feet tall around Cardiff and Newport.
Now here are a few photos to give you a sense of what it looks like in the area:

Care to take a walk in the park perhaps? Lovely view this time of year:

So how do the bureaucrats justify such ridiculous spending? Terrorism, of course!

For example, we know that MP Kim Howells, an ex-chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee chairman, made what appears to be an entirely unsubstantiated claim that “he believed terrorists could be planning something for the largest gathering of international leaders ever held in the UK.”

The much more likely reason is to keep the politicians away from the rabble. For example, 20,000 protesters are expected to be in the area, and heaven forbid these “leaders,” which large percentages of their citizenry view as corrupt and thieving criminals, have to face any of the plebs.

More significantly, you have to wonder whether world “leaders” are using this as conditioning to get the masses used to what life is going to be like in the decades ahead if they have their way. After all, this security spectacle seems particularly interesting in that it’s happening 13 years AFTER 9/11.

This is what neo-feudalism looks like.

It's Backfiring!

By Jim Kirwan

When Israel blackmailed her way into the community of nations and the UN, her choice of weapons was terror, fear, intimidation and blackmail. That worked for as far as it went, but that was just the beginning.

Once ensconced; Israel began to extort what she could not beg, borrow or steal, even on the black-market—namely nuclear weapons. Israel was able to build Dimona, before Kennedy’s murder. 

Today it’s nothing but a useless burned out shell, when it comes to creating Israeli nuclear weapons.

Dimona became the failure that it is today because Israel was so obsessed with creating nuclear weapons, that they overworked the plant until they burned it out.

This ‘dilemma’ presented Israel with both a major problem and their solution of choice: Which was to buy decaying nuclear weapons, in bulk, from GHW Bush. Poppy was always a traitor, long before he became part of the upper crust in Amerikan politics: Like father, like son!

‘Poppy’ used his positions in the government here to sell Israel a huge number of unstable weapons for their depleted uranium. Israel is still using the balance of these hijacked weapons, which they’ve planted in all the major countries of the world.

This is the real reason that so many nations the world over continue to do things that are obviously against their own real interests. Such as the recent votes for sanctions against Moscow: When every one of the 28 nations had to know that the most recent sanctions would backfire and would ultimately destroy those nations that voted for USI and Israeli demands to sanction Russia.

The unspoken reason behind this utter insanity, beneath the sanctions, was and has always been Israel’s not so secret weapon: Which since Poppy was VP, has always been Israel’s nuclear blackmail of the world.

The time has come to make Israel’s “Nuclear Blackmail” public!

Watching the world go through the contortions and convoluted excuses for why these cowardly nations, including the USA, are doing what they’re doing: Has been a disgusting display of global cowardice which must end.

What makes this mandatory now is the extremely volatile nature of the nuclear material that Israel chose to use, in those weapons that compose their global-threat. It’s likely that those hidden devices just might go off by themselves because of their chemical instability. This danger was built-in from the beginning. Because of this Israel now thinks that it can force the world to do whatever it demands!

The fact that none of the world’s supposed leaders will ever mention this global-blackmail gives the rest of us the proof that’s needed to confront this nightmare head-on. That must happen now. Israel is no longer in-charge of whether or not those dirty bombs will be used or not—because the natural degradation of the materials themselves may determine when some of them might go off, even without activation by Israel or any of their slave-states.

We must face the facts; while there is still some small chance that most of us might not have to endure nuclear annihilation, just because Israel demands control over every person on the planet.

The present circumstance is the exact opposite of what took place during the Cold War. That ‘forty-year-war’ was waged to keep the planet safe from nuclear war. It’s now been scraped by this License to Kill which the congress gave to GWH Bush’s evil-son, to expand his threats against the world with Preemptive First Strikes. Of course this “License” also gave us NDAA and the whole range of drone’s that have advanced terror ever deeper into every society on earth.

Three Bush’s all working their entire lives to destroy the USA and the world—yet almost none of the literal history of that evil family is known to the millions who need to know the truth about these traitors. This is why all of this must be discussed openly and now, before everything get’s worse!

Boycotts could help, but so far they’re not deep enough or wide enough to make the depth of the impression that all of Israel needs to feel:

Beyond the Puppets Everywhere…

The world is being run by puppets of all kinds. The process of politics as we were raised to comprehend it has been dead for over forty years. There are no political parties. There are no “leaders” any more. There are no laws anymore, only obsessions that must be satisfied for the √Člites’ everywhere. Instead of the system we once thought we knew: There are only sanctioned puppets enslaved to various monetary gods that lie and cheat and steal from all sides—in each case according to the barbaric opportunities that are running wild all over the earth today.

We need to learn to spit upon them all - while we learn to re-embrace the “NO” which we once knew how to use so well: But that was back then, when we had some freedom and when it was still up to us to direct our own lives!

People have this one last chance to throw them all overboard and take back the war-torn world before there’s nothing left to save.

In the states there are no “officials” anymore. There are no judges, no courts, no commissions, and no lawyers that are not corrupted: In brief everything that once allowed any system to work here has all been murdered and replaced by outlaws. “Oaths of office” have been nullified, along with ethics, humanity, dignity or self-worth. Corruption is the only measure of how most of us continue to live from minute to minute.

Israel owns the world right now. The mass-media is their voice, not ours. The very least that can be done is to confront these behemoths which are never mentioned in any news conferences, or in any of our so-called public forums.

We have no journalists left that will dare to ask these questions, on the record, openly of every purported politician or spokesperson—in ways that cannot be censored or ignored: That’s the ‘public-secret’ beneath Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail.

The image at the top of this article concerns The World & The Universe. If we recapture our world then the blue planet can begin to be healed. If we fail then the earth itself will be turned into death incarnate from our oceans and rivers thru all our lands, our forests, the deserts and mountains: Everything will die along with the death of the food chain. The air we breathe and the water as well as the soil: All of that will be contaminated. Will we remain silent about all of this or will we chose to fight this to the death!

If we’re going to die, and since we’re all going to die anyway, we should at least confront these Stone-Age creatures who are responsible for forcing this situation, which has taken us all back to the caves. We have to force them to face us—because then we can go to that death or to that victory - knowing that we did all that could be done…

Saturday, 30 August 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different: We Were Called, Now We Are Come

We Were Called, Now We Are Come

By Candace Frieze
July 13, 2006

Once upon a time, many were called, invited, to uplift, raise up the Earth. It had become a prison planet to house those dark beings from about Nebadon, until this Day of Judgment. It was hoped that under this dark concentration of energy, that some would begin to see the light, by experiencing what they had created. And the plan was successful for many. For some, it was not.

Earth souls, those who had evolved in the evolutionary process upon the planet found great suffering in this. All of the Earth was overcome by much darkness, and much of the genetics was changed by dark lords, to delay and hopefully prevent the light from appearing on the planet. This is what is meant by the term antichrist, that which is against light and life. Evil is live, spelled backwards.

At one time, Earth was offered the opportunity of assistance from higher realms and other planets in light and by vote, it was rejected. It was rejected because many who voted, lived in a state of fear, much as we still see upon the planet now. So the call went out, to ask many to incarnate, adopt Earth, and work within. And it was answered.

 SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL (aka 'Jesus' from the bible)

First came 144,000 Christed Beings. These were challenged time and again and often made out to be witches and killed. This proved to not be adequate, those original 144,000. The dark that chose not to change rose even more so against the light. So the call went out again for volunteers to assist, and we came, and we came and we came. There are now around 200 million advanced star incarnates on the Earth plane.

I am one of those myself, having come around 400 years ago. Many came from my planet, called Myrua, long into Light and Light. This is my 6th incarnation into the physical plane of Earth, and I AM a Christed Being, and also a Sananda, meaning One with God.

We came to assist from within, in the numbers needed to effect the change. Many who have come are Ascended Masters, fused with their Thought Adjusters, the Father Fragment. Some are way past that level. They come to demonstrate The Way, that many on the Earth plane might chose this awesome outcome for themselves, and begin the Eternal Journey to Godhood. Fusing with ones' Father Fragment guarantees being written into the Book of Life. It is one's personal Ascension but the whole of the process. Ascension is ever ongoing as knowledge is accumulated.

Over our past incarnations, and current ones, we demonstrate sovereignty, and we become vessels of upliftment throughout the many areas of need upon Urantia. By our works, has the planet come to this point, to where she is almost ready for the Advent of God, the entry into the hallowed stage of Light and Life.

Go back and look at the title of this piece. We Were Called, (and we answered) and Now We Are Come. Now to look at it, the phrase Now We Are Come, seems semantically a little difficult. I did not write," we have come," because that is past tense. Now We Are Come means we are now coming into our full power. We are becoming aware that we came to uplift this planet, and we are aware, that now is truly the time to consolidate our power to a higher cause.

Many are organizing together, Two Or More In My Name, for the purpose of raising this planet and her peoples into 5D, the initial stage of Light and Life. NOW WE ARE COME, as members of the Second Coming Process, in association with our Christ, the Creator Son of Nebadon, and His chosen Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.

We are Co Creators in this grand adventure of raising up a planet, long in darkness, to its full estate, ETERNAL LIFE. This is the Resurrection, in the greater understanding of the word. WE ARE The Way, The Resurrection, and the Life, beloveds. Now, We Are Come to resurrect Urantia and all of her life forms, from the throws of Death, and into Eternal Life. We Are Come, as Many Messiahs, Two Or More In My Name! We are close to bringing the ADVENT OF GOD.

Those of you who are now reading this message, if you see the vision, you are invited to place your Messianic Mission Statement on AbundantHope's Messianic Forum, currently accessed by clicking the Messianic Forum button, on the main page of our website, The Messianic Forum provides a place for community and discussion among those that are creating missions in association with AbundantHope, a Second Coming organization.

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At least half of the footage from "ThisisEuropa":

They've made such excellent videos.

SWEDEN: Malmo Is Bursting at the Seams

The Dispossessed - The White Race

Dispossessed in the lands of her ancestors 

Kevin MacDonald - The Dispossession of Europeans & Pathological Altruism

Kevin MacDonald received his Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences and is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. MacDonald is the author of seven books on evolutionary psychology and child development and is the author or editor of over thirty academic articles. His research focuses on evolutionary psychology and on ethnicity and ethnic group conflict. He is the founder of The Occidental Observer, an online publication presenting original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the west. 

We'll cover how such a mission statement is sure to be dismissed as extremism of the worst sort in today's intellectual climate, even as a sign of psychiatric disorder. In the first hour, we discuss how multiculturalism asks us to behave as though ethnic conflict has never existed, yet it has been part of humanity's history for thousands of years. Yet, today only western countries are expected to become multicultural and open up their borders to massive non-white immigration. 

Kevin addresses the routine labeling of a "white supremacist" or "racist" as a means of muzzling white expression and interests. He'll talk about Jewish hostility of the West, those who want to see the demise of western culture and how it is being done. We'll hear how Europeans have been singled out and demonized as a "culture of slavery." 

In the second hour, we begin on the importance of a race to maintain a sense of culture and roots. Kevin then talks about pathological altruism to the point of self-abdication, unique to whites. We also discuss biological differences in races and how geology has made races evolve differently. 

Later, MacDonald points out the hypocrisy of those who are pro-multicultural. We'll speak more on The Frankfurt School and Jewish intellectuals, who have pushed their consensus to the west, although they do not base findings on empirical research. Later, we talk about Ukraine and the destruction of European nationalism. The hour ends on the need for Europeans to have a stronger sense of their own identity and interests without the imposed stigma.

Nuclear War is Solution to Problems of Old Age

Thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Canada will be a Russiantarget in any future nuclear war.My old age will be taken care of.
By [Jew] Henry Makow Ph.D.

I'll be 65 in a couple of months and I'm not looking forward to old age. Fortunately, my Prime Minister, a Zionist puppet, has inserted Canada into the problems of Ukraine with many belligerent words and gestures.

As a result, I am relieved to say that when nuclear missiles fly, Canada will neither be ignored nor neglected. My home town, Winnipeg, is a NORAD center and is sure to be blown off the map. Thank you Stephen Harper.

When Putin warned Friday that Russia is a major nuclear power, saying "don't mess with us," I realized I could put aside my qualms about old age. (Zionists who control the West are behind the problems in Ukraine. Putin's objection to "unipolar" world power is an obstacle to their "New World Order." They are responsible for every war and will not be denied.)

Throughout the West, there is a demographic crisis. Baby boomers are aging and "a shrinking pool of young people will have to finance their pensions." Almost a third of Americans have not put aside a dime for retirement. 

Then there's the strain on the healthcare system. I certainly wasn't looking forward to watching my body break down and die.

I can't give Stephen Harper all the credit for this imaginative solution. I have to thank the so-called "opposition leaders" Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau for not raising a peep against Harper's Ukraine policy.

I also want to thank the mass media for beating the war drums.

The media has not mentioned the investigation into the July 17 shoot-down of MH-17, killing 298 people. After pinning the blame squarely on Putin, and demanding war, it would be very embarrassing to admit that Zionist puppets in Ukraine did the nasty deed. This would certainly impede the march to war, and again subject me to the perils of sickness and old age.

( I wrote July 19 that this atrocity was a false flag: "Just as we never learned what really happened to MH-370, I predict we will never have closure on MH-17 because the Illuminati and their agents never own up to their heinous crimes.")

I also want to thank the mass media for suppressing the following statement by Dutch intellectuals: 
"Mr. Putin. Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country. We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. We reject the double standards that are used for Russia and the West. In our societies, sufficient evidence is required for a conviction. The way you and your Nation are convicted for 'crimes' without evidence, is ruthless and despicable."
This kind of irresponsible peace-mongering and reprehensible honesty is very hazardous to the war process.

Finally, I realize I have been selfishly focused on the problems of my fellow "seniors." What about the children and youths who have their whole life ahead of them?

All I can say is, follow my example.

Try to see your premature demise in a positive light.

Have you looked at the price of housing lately?

9/11 Predictive Programming EVERYWHERE! MUST SEE!!


Albino Negro

Is this the type of diversity that you want to bring into your country? These crazy Black Africans in Tanzania are going after albinos and amputating their body parts with machetes.

But don’t believe what I say. According to the Jewish run media, these people are no different than the average White person that lives in America or Europe. In reality, they are savages. Any sane person should be able to realize this.

From Vice:
In the past month, a spate of violent attacks in Tanzania targeting people with albinism for their body parts has highlighted a morbid practice linked to witchcraft.
People with albinism, also known as albinos, are born with a deficiency of melanin pigmentation. Those with a complete lack of pigmentation have extremely pale skin and hair, and their eyes are typically a light shade of blue. The condition generally results from recessive genes carried by parents. Albinism in Africa brings with it an increased chance of developing fatal skin cancer, and the lack of pigment to protect eyes against the bright sun can cause sight problems.
Africans with the condition can suffer alienating social stigma in communities where their neighbors and relatives believe them to be ghosts, cursed, or intellectually incapacitated. In some regions, they face a near-constant threat of violence.
UN officials and rights groups reported at least five assaults on albinos that occurred in Tanzania in less than two weeks in August.
On August 5, three men armed with machetes hacked a 15-year-old girl’s right arm off below the elbow in the western region of Tabora. Her family was threatened with death and could not scream for help. Later that day, the assailants targeted her uncle, who also has albinism, though he was able to escape.
The three men were eventually arrested, including a local witch doctor who informed authorities that they had amputated her arm because buyers were willing to pay as much as $600 dollars for it.

Holding MF'ers Accountable - Scott Roberts

19-yr-old Ape rapes chicken to death in Ondo

AKURE— A-19-year-old apprentice welder (names withheld) was caught today making love to a hen. The fowl reportedly died during the act.

The taboo was said to have been committed by the apprentice at about 11.20 p.m. at Continental area of Akure metropolis.

The suspect, Vanguard learnt, had committed same taboo with a goat in his home town, Afo in Ose council area of the state.

He was said to have been ex-communicated from his home town because of the offence which made him move in with his brother in Akure.

Speaking with newsmen, the owner of fowl, Mrs Stella Akintola, who resides in the same building confirmed that the man actually made love to her chicken.

According to her, she went to bed early but was woken up by the noise coming from the chickens at the back of her room, an indication that someone was disturbing their peace.

The discovery

Akintola said she went outside only to find that the back door was still opened. According to her, she became curious and 
“I shouted to know who was still at the backyard only for him to appear from the corner of the house, saying he went to the toilet because he had a running stomach.”
Akintola said she was not convinced especially as she noticed that the noise from the chickens’ pen stopped abruptly. She said she went to where the chickens were but nothing was found. 
“It was when I visited the toilet that I found one of the them stone dead with its feathers littering the floor,” she said.
Still unaware that the suspect was the cause of the death of the bird, Akintola said she raised an alarm only for him to confess that he was responsible for the death of the fowl.

Akintola said the suspect confessed and begged her for forgiveness, saying he would pay any amount for the dead fowl.

She said she decided not to report the matter to the police because she could not stand the rigour she would be subjected to by the police over a “minor offence.”

A report stated that there was evidence that the man actually had sex with the hen when it was examined by the owner and others living in the building.

A spirit directed me to do it —Suspect

In an interview with newsmen, the suspect, who declined to speak initially, however, said a spirit directed him to do what he did. He said: 
“I was already sleeping when a spirit just came upon me and directed me to go to the back of the building. I did not know what I was doing again until when I discovered that I had slept with the hen.”
Contacted, the police image maker, Wole Ogodo, said since the matter was not reported to the police, he could not comment on it.

Ogodo noted that “it is what members of the public bring to our notice that we investigate. This is a strange occurrence if what you are telling me is the truth.”

WTF: Shoplifter fights off store security with a baby in her arms; Passerby doles out vigilante justice on the employee

The sheer fucking stupidity and arrogance of the North American Pavement Ape. Had enough yet, White Man?

Jew promoted miscegenation (race mixing)

No comparison

The Creator and Mother Nature dictates that Humans are programmed to find prospective partners of their own kind far more attractive than those of the other races (species). Jew promoted miscegenation (race mixing) flies in the face of natural law. It is an abomination and a direct sin against the Creator of this Earth.


Race-Mixing Lessons from Babylon

The tower of Babel was the first recorded multicultural project.

Babylon was once an ancient homogenous white society. It had a high civilisation that had existed for centuries, with the other races being kept outside of it. Eventually though, the Babylonians got lazy and instead of keeping the tribes outside, they started bringing them in, to work.

Soon, it became easier to let the other peoples start dwelling within the city, and they went from being kept outside to becoming a part of the civilisation. Finally, people started to forget who they were and started thinking they were all one. They decided to take what was separated by God and Nature and unite it by man.

They embraced diversity.

But instead of improving their nation, it utterly destroyed them and those that came after them.