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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Zionist lying unchecked

Israeli bombing of Gaza. “The state of Israel has turned the occupied territories of Palestine into permanent death camps,” said South Africa’s ruling party The African National Congress (ANC).
"The handling of the tortured and burned Palestinian child shed more light on Israeli racism, but equally important is exposing the complicity of US media as a favourite outlet for unchecked Zionist liying to cover up Israeli crimes."
Scene one: Disappearance of three illegal Jewish settlers in Hebron. Israel closes the West Bank, demolishes homes of supposed kidnappers, nonstop air raids on Gaza, kills two dozen Palestinians and imprisons more than 600 mostly newly released prisoners.

Scene two: The kidnapped 15-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khudiar. Israel takes very measured response: No military raids searching for the non-Jewish victim, no checkpoints or closure of Jewish only colonies, no home demolishing and certainly no wholesale arrests.

Two perpetrators commit congruous offence, yet two different responses under Israel’s Jewish democracy.

Going back to scene one. Unpublished news reports indicated that the army knew very early that the missing three illegal settlers were killed. Shots were overheard in a phone call made by one of the settlers and traces of blood were found on the car used in the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, military censors imposes a gag order to allow the other Israel stage a PR campaign “Bring Back our Boys,” exploiting international sympathy while purportedly searching for the “Boys.”

Exploiting the suffering of its own reminded me of another historical event. In 1938 the World Zionist Organisation rejected a US-sponsored conference held in Evian, France, to discuss the resettlement of the victims of Nazism in Western countries. 
“If I knew that it was possible to save all the (Jewish) children of Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second,” David Ben-Gurion said, rejecting the invitation for the conference.
Following in the footsteps of Ben-Gurion, Israel plays victim to justify aggression and rationalise its atrocities. Since 2000 Israel murdered close to 1,500 Palestinian children and demolished thousands of Palestinian homes. It has committed war crimes according to UN teams investigating its war and continued “diet starvation” siege on Gaza.

 Back to scene two: The murdered Jerusalemite native was taken to a nearby forest. Using rudimentary gas chamber, the killers forced petrol into his stomach before setting the child on fire. Several days later a Rabbi and his two sons were among six Israelis arrested for the heinous crime.

 Demanding equal justice, the mother of the murdered child said:
“If they sentence them and demolish their houses and give them life sentences, it might satisfy me a little.”
 How were the two scenes played on American TV?

 After the Israeli settlers went missing, Benjamin Netanyahu was paraded on Sunday TV news blaming the new Palestinian government for an incident in area A which is under his full military control.

Again and as if there is no Palestinian voice after the Palestinian child was burned to death. On the following Sunday it was Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer’s turn on US news programmes whitewashing Israeli brutality with blatant lies unquestioned by his American media hosts.

“A murder is a murder is a murder, whether it’s a Jew or an Arab,” Dermer claimed on TV. But of course, the news reporter did not ask the ambassador why Jews and non-Jews don’t pay equally for the “murder.”

Example, Israel demolished the homes belonging to Palestinians suspected of kidnapping the illegal settlers, but not for Jews who murdered the Palestinian child.

Referring to the Jewish killers, Dermer declared on another programme, “There will not be public squares named after them.” In this case Dermer might be right since murdering only one Palestinian is not worthy of such recognition.

For Dermer must be aware of the pilgrimage shrine built for Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein who in 1994 massacred 29 Palestinian worshipers inside a Hebron mosque. Or closer to home of the square in Jerusalem that was named after Jewish American spy Jonathan Pollard.

The handling of the tortured and burned Palestinian child shed more light on Israeli racism, but equally important is exposing the complicity of US media as a favourite outlet for unchecked Zionist lies to cover up Israeli crimes.


Diane Sawyer misrepresents photo of Gazans in aftermath of Israeli bombing as Israeli victims of Palestinian missiles

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  1. I quote:
    “Israeli bombing of Gaza. “The state of Israel has turned the occupied territories of Palestine into permanent death camps,” said South Africa’s ruling party The African National Congress (ANC).”
    End of quote

    The ruling party in South Africa have no right to throw statements like that around . . . They should rather practice what they try to preach.
    The murdering communist kikes was and still is the best friend the black igoramuses in South Africa had, why now the 90 0 turn about??

    Umkhonto we Sizwe abbreviated as MK, translated "Spear of the Nation," is the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), co-founded by Nelson Mandela and his jews – go read up.

    There should be NO cooing and gushing over the rainbow nation, as I’ve always thought that notion to be simplistic PR for the New South Africa, invented by jews for black ignoramuses.

    The riches of South Africa brought out the true nature of the kike, who deep down don’t give a hoot about the black skin of the African . . . they [jews] are using the ANC as stool-pigeons to slaughter the WHITE South Africans, as part of the kike’s gleaming bloodthirsty delight of the never ending satanic blood-lusting sick jewish blood libel perversion so common among satans kiddies.

    I quote:

    "We must do everything in our power to stop the poison of this concept (White Nationalism) from spreading, as this is the Afrikaners' only hope of survival.
    We must, with the greatest urgency, poison the minds of the White populace against this evil ...
    At the time of the Anglo-Boer War, it was a great pity that our influence did not cause the extermination of all their stinking women and children, we were only able to do away with 27,000.
    Right now the Cape Dutch Liberal Afrikaners are cringing at our mercy. We hold the power ...
    The Boers must be erased for two reasons both, of which militate against our cause.
    Firstly, because of their nationalism, and secondly, because of their religion."
    - Fay Bloomberg (ugly jewish bitch ).

    "Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation"
    - Nadine Gordimer, Knighted, Nobel Prize winner. [one more ugly jewish bitch]
    Rabbi Rabinovich - the name says it all
    I quote this skinny old retard:
    "We will bastardise the Afrikaner nation into oblivion'"
    - Rabbi Rabinovich.
    End of quote.

    The South African communist jewish press did everything in its power to present a moderate image of the ANC to the World.
    Even the Intelligence Service received orders not to investigate or expose any ANC activities which would impair this image.

    Watch this video and see more empty promises made to the hand full of Whites in South Africa.
    The African National Congress (ANC) Exposed !

    [The white looking man[?] at 2:04 next to the mangod mandela is a jew, one of many behind the ANC.

    At 3:33 there's a very interesting point to consider . . .
    What a sad, sick joke
    And the White South Africans are paying the price.

    The biggest failure of Democracy in South Africa is that unsophisticated, illiterate, uninformed and easily influenced low IQ citizens is trying to replace those that fully sustain them with others that fully impoverish them.

    The jews make me sick to my stomach.
    My only consolation is in knowing that they will live the rest of their lives with a hate that is eating them away, that is half of the punishment for their evil.
    YAHWEH God will provide the rest of their punishment.

    All is never lost - our answer lies before our eyes, as the Scripture says:
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
    - 2 Chronicles 7:14.