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Thursday, 31 July 2014

White Liberal Supremacism: a dangerous tendency

By John Londen

It’s instructive sometimes to look at issues from the point-of-view of an opposing group. It’s also an interesting intellectual exercise in its own right. A few years ago, I spent some time – about six months – going to church and mixing socially with religious people, because I wanted to find out why people have faith and think about the world in that way. As an atheist, I needed to immerse myself in their world and think like them in order to understand them. 

I did not actually come to believe in God as a result of this, but I did come to a better understanding of Christianity, religion and faith. I imagine a similar exercise along racial lines would be useful. I have already been a white liberal, so I need not go back to that. I’ve had that experience in spades. If it were feasible and practical for me, I would be tempted to spend some time immersing myself in the black, Asian, Jewish or Islamic worlds to better understand that point-of-view. ‘Know Your Enemies’ is an important basis for embarking on any type of warfare, but especially the legalistic, cultural, demographic and intellectual warfare that we face in Europe.

What does white liberalism mean to a non-white person? I’m particularly interested here in the perceptions of blacks, for reasons I will explain in a moment. By ‘white liberalism’, I refer to a belief in mixed-racialism, positive action for non-whites and other compassionate policies, even if these are at the expense of the racial interests of whites, if those interests are acknowledged at all. This so-called liberalism is really a kind of fake paternalism (see my essay, ‘The Morality Problem: liberalism as a white construct‘), in which the white person is asserting his individual selfish self-interest and disregarding the interests of his racial group, behaviour that consumer capitalism is built on and encourages. 

White liberalism is an example of where the class basis of society interacts with the racial basis of society, and one triumphs over the other: in this case, economic interest trumps racial interest (if the racial community is recognised or considered at all by the social actor). I think blacks especially recognise this at a sub-conscious level and probably associate white liberalism with fakery and insincerity because they sense that it is the expression of some kind of economic or business interest rather than a general concern for the welfare of a group or society at large. This brings me to why blacks as a group are of particular interest to me when it comes to discussions about white liberalism. Blacks generally fulfil all the key socio-economic indicators of deprivation. As a group, they tend to be the poorest and have the lowest occupational status, the lowest measured IQs and the lowest educational attainment. As the ‘downtrodden’ group, they will readily diagnose the motivations of these apparently munificent whites who seem to be trying to help them and will perceive that the actions of white liberals are entirely self-interested and narcissistic – particularly when these are harmful to other whites of comparable socio-economic status to most blacks.

Of course, this ‘white liberalism as racism’ thesis is nothing new, but what I think is novel is an examination of the way in which ‘liberal racism’, if we can call it that, is based not on a recognition of some wider racial interest among whites, but rather on the narrower economic interests of affluent whites. The involvement of Jews is of course highly-important in this. That the class system of capitalism serves the interests of a Jewish elite and the fact that most of the Jewish-backed propaganda amounts to white racial self-hatred is beyond question as far as I am concerned, but the purpose of this essay is to evaluate the mechanics of the white liberal phenomenon, and in particular why some whites act in this way, apparently against their own racial interest. While I certainly think that white liberalism is just a condescending form of racial supremacism against non-whites, I believe the motivations for it are primarily class-based rather than race-based and are not in most cases about having a psychological pathology such as self-hate. Instead, it reflects simple economic (class) interest. This would explain the more visible pathology noticed among middle-class anti-fascists and anti-racists – a tendency to exhibit ‘hate’ against ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’, which I would argue is a way of projecting their own innate white liberal racism. 

 These middle-class ‘sandal-wearers’ and ‘beardie-weirdies’ – the types who fit Orwell’s description of the ‘lifestyle Left’ in The Road To Wigan Pier – are themselves deeply racialist and conscious of it, but unlike Nationalists, they feel guilt or self-consciousness about it. What ‘white guilt’ really amounts to, when you boil it down, is a recognition that racialism must exist in any meaningful community (or you could not have community) and also a recognition that white liberalism is just a polite expression of naked class interest. This ‘white guilt’ is the post-modern version of medieval Catholic indulgencies. It’s payment for the position of privilege that these whites and Jews enjoy and it reflects the fear that such people feel that their privileges might one day be challenged and confiscated by an insurgent working class. The motivation for their hatred of Nationalists is therefore not difficult to rationalise: it is fuelled by fear of class war and also by resentment that the truth is being spoken back to them. It’s no coincidence that ordinary Nationalists tend on the whole to be characterised by the Left and also by the media as uncouth working class types and are openly denigrated for their supposed stupidity, illiteracy and lack of sophistication – a form of class hatred. Rather like viewing an ugly and unflattering aspect of one’s visage in the mirror, to the Left, Nationalists are the mirror held up to them, revealing nakedly their hypocrisy and self-interest.

This brings us to how Nationalists might like to exploit this Achilles heel in the mixed-racial Left and its white liberal foot soldiers. We’ve had the Mantra, which is an excellent way of exploiting the geopolitical hypocrisy of anti-white liberalism. I would like to propose that when Nationalists are confronted by white liberals, they consider something more interrogative to use in addition to the Mantra. Something that takes advantage of the weak point that white liberals have, which is their naked class hatred of ordinary whites and their hidden ‘racism’ against non-whites. In response to accusations of ‘hate’, ‘racism’ and what not, we might like to use some of these lines (and others similar):
‘Tell me, why do you condescend to blacks so much?’

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