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Monday, 14 July 2014

Welcome to the UK a Country that shits on its indigenous people in favour of imported scum

From the Daily Mail:
'I want to make £40,000 for my family with benefits… and if I don’t, I’ll STEAL the rest': Roma father reveals plans for new life in the UK (and he’s bringing his sister along too)
Big plans: Yonn Lazer, 36, from Argetoaia in Romania, plans to make £40,000 
from benefits in two years

For Yonn Lazer, 36, from the tiny village of Argetoaia in southern Romania, life for him, his wife Maria and their three children hasn't always been easy. But the family's life has taken a turn for the better after Mr Lazer moved to London - allowing him to put a grand plan to rake in £40,000 in British benefits into action.

Six months after arriving in the capital, Mr Lazer is sending home £800 each week - and says
'England' has 'given me everything'.
'I know it is very, very easy to take benefit in England,' says the 36-year-old whose last trip to the UK, prior to the relaxing of restrictions on Romanian nationals, ended in his deportation for failing to find a job.
'She's give me home free. She's give me money free. She's give me everything.'
The UK has become an increasingly popular destination for European Roma gypsies, with a staggering 200,000 arriving in the last decade alone.

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