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Monday, 14 July 2014

Ukrainian warplane invades Russian airspace

A plane of the Ukrainian Air Force has invaded the Russian airspace, a special correspondent of Russia’s Zvezda TV channel said on Sunday.
“We came to the suburb of Donetsk [a Russian town bordering on Ukraine] in the first half of the day,” Maxim Gritsenko said.
“During our TV footage work, a Ukrainian plane entered the Russian territory and flew above the Donetsk suburb and everyone could see it deliver an air strike, apparently, against a locality in Ukraine,” the journalist said.
“All people were frightened and ran away,” he said.
This happened at the time when investigators of Russia’s Investigative Committee were working on the scene of a shell incident in Donetsk, the journalist said.

Several shells fired from the Ukrainian side exploded early on Sunday in Donetsk in the southern Russian Rostov Region. One shell hit a private house, killing one and seriously wounding two persons.

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