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Thursday, 24 July 2014

UK issues 400 arms licenses to Israel

A report by British arms export controls parliamentary committee shows that Israel received around £8bn in the form of 400 arms licenses from the UK in 2013.

The report shows that the arms Israel received included combat drones, F16 Apache fighter jets, spare parts for tanks, crowd-control ammunition, military support vehicles, assault rifles, pistols and parts for “all-wheel drive vehicles with ballistic protection.”

According to the report over 3,000 arms and military equipment export licenses worth more than £12bn were approved for 27 countries classified by the Foreign Office as "of concern" due to their so-called poor human rights record but no actions have been taken to withdraw the said contracts.

In April 2009, David Miliband, the then secretary of state, via an official statement admitted the equipment used by Israel while attacking Gaza in the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead almost certainly had components manufactured in the UK.

He also admitted that British components were to be found in armored personnel carriers adapted from Centurion tanks sold to Israel in the late 1950s and components for the 76mm guns and radar in Israeli Sa'ar-class corvettes.

Israel was represented by Elbit Systems, Rafael and the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) at the annual Farnborough International Air Show which was inaugurated on the 14th of July 2014.

All three companies manufacture weapons that are used to slaughter innocent Palestinians.

The Farnborough International air show is one of the British defense industry’s largest events and is usually attended by high-ranking military officers and aerospace executives.

At least 733 Palestinians have been killed and 4,605 wounded in 17 days of Israeli aerial and ground assaults on the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian human rights group estimates that 81 percent of those killed in Gaza since Israel first launched its ongoing offensive on July 8 are civilians.

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