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Sunday, 20 July 2014

This is Perfectly Normal Behaviour in Africa….

By Brett Light

Considering there is no such thing as race and we are all the same (University Professor & Holocaust Survivor Dr. Bergenwitz told me so), can someone please explain why Whites never ever behave like this?

I know, “it’s all just the environment, their terrible living conditions and poverty that make them behave like this”…… I can just hear the stupid idiot White Liberal voices saying it, but no that’s not the truth because if it were, then why was the White man able to set up successful colonies wherever he went in Africa, whilst the Black African has never achieved a single thing of note, other than dancing around a fire rubbing his belly while some poor bastard cooks in a giant pot?

Everyone knows the truth. Either they outwardly acknowledge that race is real and it is the only logical reason why different races achieve different results in the same environment, or they just deny it and lie about what is blatantly obvious.

Finally, I don’t blame the Blacks for behaving the way they do. They can’t help it. It’s not their fault and nor is it mine. What it does demonstrate is why different races are best kept separate to determine their own destinies. It’s very simple to understand really……

- BDL1983

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