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Monday, 21 July 2014

The Whole World is Going Effin’ Nuts

Imagine for a moment you’re in the warm, steel cocoon of a modern jet airliner, cruising at 33,000 feet over Mother Earth, when BLAM! Suddenly, a giant explosion out of nowhere spills you out into the freezing cold blue sky among whirling aircraft debris, luggage and screaming fellow passengers.

With the terminal velocity of falling people at around 124 miles per hour, this would give you (if still conscious after the initial unknown explosion) about 3 minutes of sheer, unspeakable terror before you smashed into the hard ground, instantly smashing every bone in your body, turning your organs into tapioca and killing your ass dead.

Whoever it was that pushed the button firing that surface-to-air missile killing 298 innocent people aboard Malaysian Flight MH17, was one cold-hearted SOB, should they have known it was a civilian airliner before launch. Hate to break it to you, but there are some seriously effed up people out there in the world, who would indeed do crap like this.

Sure, it might have been a huge mistake by some idiot pro-Russian Ukrainian, fighting against what was a Global Zionist NWO Coup D’Etat of their country just a few months ago. But keep in mind we only know what they deem to tell us on the telly. NWO forces could easily been behind this act of terror from the start and were ready to go with manufactured evidence for who they want the public to blame. Which is Putin, apparently.

Also bear in mind, the American guided missile cruiser, US Vincennes once made the exact same mistake in 1988, downing an Iranian civilian jet liner at 16,000 feet over the Persian Gulf – killing 290 Muslims on their way to Mecca, including 66 children. You might not like Muzzies, but if they did something like that to your own people, you would scream for payback. You know it, too.

With all this insanity going down these days, Americans need to step out of the box here to look at the bigger picture. Should you be looking for answers to this ever-increasing geopolitical crap for the first time, please cut Mr. Racist Hater boy here some slack and read what I got to say. I can’t tell you what to think — that’s your business. Just give me a minute or two, alright?

Americans desperately need to understand that NWO “change agents,” long behind “globalism,” are also part and parcel of the same forces busy for decades social engineering our country into a sleazy, crime-filled land, where everybody pretty much hates everybody and White people are continually demonized by the PC police.

To increase profits for the elite, they’ve gradually worked at the destruction of our middle class, by offshoring our jobs and manufacturing to Third World slaves. Plus, they are quite obviously working to turn our White race into a minority, so we don’t threaten their over-all agenda. Globalist intellectuals pushing for all of this are always put forth in the media, because the media is owned by the bastards behind it all!

Note how the media before WWII and ever since, called any of us who were against what they were up to, as “isolationists” and “xenophobes,” as if we’re all ignorant country bumpkins, who only wanted to “crawl back into our shell.” These are the same ones who tell us we need to “police the world,” while back home constantly push for immigration, bringing in all the flotsam and jetsam of the entire planet into our lands.

They tell us we’re mean and selfish to deny other races a chance to live “the American dream,” to enjoy our beautiful suburbs and way of life– at least until the point our civilizations are turned to the same kind of crap holes like the countries they left!

America was created by enormously capable and intelligent WHITE MEN,* who understood the corruptions and evils of the world at large, and who worked tirelessly to come up with the most brilliant government Constitution in all World History to protect our citizenry from evil, selfish creeps. An incredible Constitution that should stand only as an example for the rest of the planet, since it is entirely up to them to learn from it and work hard AMONG THEMSELVES to implement laws where they live.

We shouldn’t have to squander our lives and our Nation’s wealth on those who don’t appreciate our efforts. Take it or leave it, mofos!

That very simple requirement could do so much for the planet, even though your typical change agents will pooh-pooh the thought, since it might mean people won’t listen to the overpaid creeps or enable their cohorts to milk the common man’s labors.

Too bad, most Third Worlders have little drive and imagination to see the big picture, outside of what they can do for themselves and their own immediate families or tribal clans. We see this all the time in the world. Pretty much the reason for a lot of the BS going down, including them trying to get here.

Unfortunately, even such genius WHITE MEN of the 17th century could not foresee a modern mass media and it’s extraordinary power to brainwash, manipulate and confuse the “people.” A mass media owned by sorry SOBs trashing our race for their agendas, while sucking America back into Old World BS!

Look at all the crap involving sacred Israel and this never-ending “war on terror” business we have to listen to, every five GD minutes.

Just think about the fact that “our” elected congress and senate both unanimously voted to support Israel in their recent Gaza kill-fest. Not one single elected member dared to vote in dissent. Does that tell you anything? Hello!

You might call yourself a “progressive,” thinking “oh, we’re working towards a brave new beautiful rainbow world, where everything is sweetness and love, since our planetary brothers and sisters of color don’t care about race, or want to take anything away from you or your future children, blah, blah, blah. We certainly don’t need your kind of ignorant supremacist hate, Mr. MAN, or whatever the hell it is you call yourself!”

I got news for you pal: You’re just another blithering idiot, a mere victim waiting his turn, sooner or later.

I can pretty much guarantee – if you don’t live out in the country somewhere – there’s someone within a mile or two of you right now who would gladly stick a kitchen knife in your gut just to watch you die. After snatching up your Xbox and flat screen, he might take the time to watch you bleed out on that nice bohemian carpet you bought in San Fran or Amsterdam ten years ago while on a hash vacation.

And then the papers and all your equally stupid liberal friends will call it “a robbery gone horribly wrong” ascribing your bloody demise to “economic hardships that drive people to commit terrible acts.” In the idiocy of your liberal belief system before you painfully died, everyone should get a free Xbox and never have to work for anything!

Uh, I know that’s a really mean thing to get you to visualize, but unfortunately, it’s true. There’s plenty of crazy SOB’s out there, many of whom just plain love causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble. As our country is turned into a Third World nation, they’ll be plenty of such people running around, I assure you.

If you don’t get the now obvious fact that America is purposefully getting turned into a Third World pisspot, you definitely are one stupid moron.

Take note how the TV news portrays all those illegals crossing our borders as “poor little refugee children trying to escape crime, etc.” They have the nerve to use how effed up these places are, to milk our emotions so we go along with their agenda. No two ways about it.

Just take a look at the movies and TV. You can easily spot the Multicult brainwashing going on. This includes pro-Israel and holocaust crap, which seems never-ending. Same thing for attacking the White race constantly with PC.

Ever-increasing filth, realistic gore and violence is also all over today’s media. The people behind this kind of crap don’t give one rat’s ass what kind of world you hope and dream for, they just want to make big buckage off us whenever possible. The sleazier they go, the more dough!

Things will continue getting more and more worse for America, until us White people come together to put a stop to the slime.

It literally is up to you people reading here to get the word out. Those Zionist NWO forces at work today, have almost complete control of the narrative and certainly will not allow us the opportunity to state our position in the mainstream.

Thank you.

– Phillip Marlowe

*Anyone who has read the personal writings of men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, James Madison, George Washington and John Adams, knows exactly what I’m saying here.

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