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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The U.S. Military’s Insane Attempt to Make Women Combat Ready

Female ethnic minority soliders fighting for Jewmerica and Israel.

Jew run Hollywood has for years been putting out propaganda getting people ready for the day when women would be integrated into combat forces. The 1990s films GI Jane, Starship Troopers among others have put forth this idea. Now, they are actually trying to do it and it is stupid on so many levels.

This is right up there with the absurd idea that faggots and transgender freaks should be allowed to serve in military forces. With only a few exceptions, women on average are simply not as strong as men and their presence in combat units is a detriment. It is true that some women might be able to pass some of these physical standards, but the idea itself is so insane that it defies basic comprehension.

It is really quite ridiculous to think that having women serve in military combat roles represents some sort of great societal achievement. If anything it shows how morally bankrupt our civilization has become. Women regardless of their racial background should be raising families and spending time with children not getting ready to crawl through dirt and shoot at some Arabs on behalf of some Jews.

This program of integrating women into combat units is a moral disgrace to America.

From NPR:
The challenge for the Marines, and for the Army, is how to open up ground combat jobs to women in January 2016, without lowering standards.
And here’s where things stand in the Marines.
Eighty-five female Marines already made it through an infantry training course last fall at Camp Lejeune, N.C., which included drills such as attacking a mock enemy force, hidden in a pine forest. That course lasted eight weeks, and the men and women all completed the same training.
Now the Marines have a more ambitious plan that will take a new group of volunteers from the deserts to the beaches to the mountains during the next year.
More than 160 women will be taking part in a training exercise that will start this summer that will stretch well into next year. It will include simulated combat exercises in the Mojave Desert, Pacific Coast beaches and the Sierra Nevada mountains.
The Marines will march with 100-pound packs, mount an attack that will include tanks, then dig a defensive position. They’ll practice pulling a wounded Marine to safety. They’ll crawl over obstacles. Climb mountains and cliffs.
“Male and female, the task has got to be the same. Combat readiness will not be compromised. If we get this right, combat readiness will improve. And the second thing, we’re not going to lower standards,” said Marine Lt. Col. Michael Samarov, who’s part of the planning team.
He brushes aside the main complaint of critics — that training will have to be watered down so women can pass.
“There’s going to be a rigorous set of standards, and a Marine, male or female, is going to have to meet those standards, so this will exclude some proportion of the population. There’s going to be some men who can’t meet these standards,” he said.

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