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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


When you begin to analyze these people who call themselves Left-Wing, a very obvious and ugly pattern begins to emerge – They are all hideously vile looking.

It’s no coincidence that both ugly and Left-Wing go together but it is a sure sign of why they fight for an Anti-social and Anti-British cause. The Left-Wing are simply the rejects of society, those who have fallen to the bottom of the barrel and have grown to hate us, the normal average people of our society.

They have been born ugly and they choose to selfishly thrust this ugly truth upon us because they believe that an injustice has been done to them. Most of these vile reprobates live sheltered lives – often they are recluses and have no concept of what a normal society is.

How can anybody take these people seriously? What grounds of authority do they have over us the normal percentage of society? – the answer is none!

Do not be tricked by these vile, uncouth people but when they attempt to brainwash you with their sick agenda; remember these ugly faces. Those Left-Wing that fight on the internet behind walls of anonymity often do so because they are so ashamed of their appearance in reality and have no confidence to display themselves to the public.

There is not yet one member of the Left crowd that I have encountered who can be described as normal looking in appearance. This is a continuing pattern throughout the Left-Wing and it backs up the argument that they are nothing more than the rejects of society.

I choose not to legitimise the Left because I see their vulgar, deformed faces and can not take them seriously. To me, the ugly Left-Wing present themselves as a form of disease like gangrene or leprosy.

Nationalism is the only cure to this horrific disease, nationalism will cleanse this ugly, unprepossessing illness that has befallen our country.

These horribly, unpleasant, revolting and repugnant people (if we can even call them people) are complete failures in life and lack the basic functions required to form part of society. It’s clear to see that the Left are an asocial breed and yet they try to dictate to us about how we should live our lives when they have no life experience whatsoever!

In Blood & Glory

Joshua Bonehill
Founder & Leader
National British Resistance

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