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Monday, 7 July 2014

The Truth About Black Footballers

Hey Whites, don’t worry about this White genocide stuff, the UK has always had black footballers!

The anti-White agenda just loves to pretend that traditionally White countries have always been “melting pots.”

The age-old tactic of the anti-Whites his to tell us we’re all a “nation of immigrants” and there is no such thing as an English person, they are just “mongerals” and “mutts.” Funny how it’s to permissible to use the words “mutt” and “mongrel” when describing White populations (particularly when disenfranchising them out of their ancient homelands) but it’s “waycist” and “supremacist” to talk of mixed race people the same way.

So, now that the World Cup is coming to an end and White people around the globe are invariably asking themselves why so many non Whites are representing their countries the anti-Whites in the UK have trotted out a little anti-White piece of agitprop, the basic message is yet again “see White man, your country has never really been White and look your football game has always had non White players, your mind is just playing tricks on you if you think that’s not the case…”

Here’s what they have to say:

“Howard Holmes, of the Football Unites, Racism Divides campaign which installed a headstone on Mr Wharton’s grave, went with his great-granddaughter to the event.
‘You think of black footballers in England and you think of Clyde Best and Laurie Cunningham,’ he said. ‘But Arthur was 70 or 80 years before their time.
‘That is why his story is so important because it shows there was a black presence in English football right at the very start of the professional game.
‘But Arthur’s was a real riches-to-rags story. He would have been quite well-paid when he was a goalkeeper but after that he had to earn a living as a miner.
‘He did that in an overwhelming white community in Yorkshire.”
Oh, and the anti-White’s have got everything covered just in case you EVER forget about Howard:
“A statue of England’s first black footballer is to be put up at the National Football Centre in Burton-on-Trent.
Who dug up this story?
“His story was uncovered in 1997 by the Sheffield United based project, “Football Unites Racism Divides”. His unmarked grave in Edlington has been given a headstone, and his picture was included in an exhibition of British Sporting Heroes at the National Portrait Gallery.”
Ahhh, so it’s yet another “anti-racist” organization in a White country! What’s that about anti-racist being a code word for anti-White?

As we can see, this story has been around for a while, just waiting to be rejuvenated any time the anti-White establishment needs to remind the indigenous White’s not to worry about White genocide, after all according to them it’s always been a “melting pot”—get it White man?!

Funny thing is, we can clearly see this is a lie. Here is the last England team to win the 
world cup back in 1966

The 2014 team didn’t do quite so well, they were ejected in the first round

How long will it be before White’s have been written out of the history books in the UK, replaced with stories of Blacks and Pakistanis lording over the green European lands? It certainly seems that Whites are destined to go down the memory hole. Remember White English man; you’ll be a minority in England within a few decades.

Don’t you think it’s time to say NO to White geNOcide?

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