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Sunday, 27 July 2014

"The Evil, Malevolent, Insane, Sadistic Jew"

I'm not sure that the English language has the words needed to describe the evil, malevolent, insane, sadistic Jew. This malignant parasitic blood-sucking pest has been attacking Gentiles for eons, most recently as the Jew.

In the Middle Ages--the Dark Ages--the Jew loved to go around, poising drinking water wells, killing off Christians so the Jew could steal what ever valuables the Gentiles had. They also spread the plaque around Europe, bringing it from their Mongol families in Asia, helping to kill millions and millions of Christians who had let this cancerous, diseased organism into their midst.

This wholesale slaughter of us GOYIM delights the Jew, making that tribe of Khazar penis worshipers ecstatic at being able to spread death, misery and destruction to the Gentiles, which the Jew continues to this day by ransacking nations of their wealth, tricking other nations into fighting wars that the Jew, financing both sides, makes a 'killing' off thru their control of central banks.

And wealth stolen from many western nations, held hostage to the biggest SCAM and LIE of the 20th Century, the never-ending lies of the holocaust.

The Jew also destroys nations from within, by their control of the 'entertainment' industry, ensuring that wholesome family fare is rarely available, instead the GOYIM sheeple are fed a steady diet of sex, violence, nudity, more sex and CGI scenes of horrific magnitude, poising the minds of those who pay to see this crap.

Anytime you see a Hollywood movie that has fart jokes or jokes about bodily functions, rest assured it's the evil, malevolent, insane, sadistic Jew that is behind that toxic slop.

These days, the Jew is filled with joy, butchering the peace-loving, indigenous Palestinians who have been getting starved to death so the usurping Israelis can live like Kings on land and property stolen from the Palestinians.

Merely using THE artillery shells, fragmentation mortar rounds, WP and DIME weapons doesn't satisfy the Jew blood-lust, this evil, malevolent, insane, sadistic Jew also uses banned chemical weapons, so the sick bastards can leisurely enjoy watching the Palestinians writhe in pain before dying.

They are also behind the bloody mischief in the Ukraine, with their Jew oligarchs blasting to pieces the Russian speaking people of eastern Ukraine so the Jew can enjoy his favorite sport; murdering en masse GOYIM and stealing their wealth, all the while hiding behind that tired-ass canard, anti-Semitism.

The evil, malevolent, insane sadistic Jew will not be satisfied until they have conquered all of the Earth and turned it into another Gaza, with us Gentiles used for slave work and target practice anytime the Jew feels the need to let off some steam.

From the assassination of President Kennedy, to the attack on the USS Liberty, to the attack on the USS Cole, to the 9/11 False Flag, there is one common thread: the evil, malevolent, insane, sadistic Jew.

They have basically declared war on all non-Jews and its time for us sheeple to stand up for our rights and band together to fight off the evil, malevolent, insane, sadistic Jew.

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