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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The End of the World?

By The Irish Savant

A long long time ago, when I was in my late teens/early twenties my best friends were a high-living couple who I claimed would sweep the board for Ireland were there an Olympics for Drinking and Shagging. An assessment with which they proudly concurred. Then they Got Religion....became Jehova's Witnesses and within a very short time became dull as dishwater, blanching at even the suggestion of a rude joke.  Needless to say our friendship could not survive this and we drifted apart, bumping into one another only occasionally over the ensuing years.

Naturally enough, before we drifted apart, they tried to convert Lady Savant and me to the path of righteousness. A hopeless task, as you can well imagine. Part of their pitch related to prophesy. They claimed the Bible made clear that the end-of-the-world (shudder) would occur when three things came to pass. First the Jews would return to Israel, then there would be World Government, headed up by Lucifer himself, at which point Jehova, rightly pissed off, would come back to earth and kick Lucifer's ass for one last time on the plain of Armageddon (there is actually such a you didn't know that!).

And how would this World Government manifest itself? They weakly suggested by way of the United Nations. How we laughed!  That UN, the one which couldn't be relied upon to bring peace to a Glasgow pub on a Saturday night, let alone form World Government?  But maybe the last laugh is on us.  Because the signs of impending World Government are all around us, as readers of this blog well know. And it's a lot more subtle and insidious than anything the UN could come up with.  There's no need to go into detail on the accompanying measures: Globalisation, transnational organisations of every sort, systematic destruction of traditional societies and mores, centralisation of powers, defilement of the White race and of Christianity in particular.

Throughout history nations, races and religions have fought their own corners, often blindly and often with disastrous consequences. They have done so because it is the 'natural' thing to do. Yet the most powerful and  successful civilisation in history has been induced to joyously self-destruct within a few decades.  This is so dramatic, illogical, unprecedented and unimaginable that you would have to ask whether there has indeed been supernatural agency in play.  

Could my old and long lost friends have been right after all? And is Jehova right now polishing His boots for a bit of deserved ass-kicking?

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