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Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Death of Johannesburg under the Rule of Black Africans (video)

Since black african rule came to South Africa, Johannesburg has been transformed.

What was until the 1990's a modern, First-World city is now inhabited and run by Africans. These haunting images show how the city has changed. It looks like Detroit, Compton, Camden, East St. Louis, or any other city overrun by Africans. It looks just like North Philadelphia. And West Phildelphia. And Southwest Philadelphia, and Chester, Detroit and NJ, and all the other black majority regions of ex-white American cities.


  1. Congoids can press buttons but they will always need Caucasoids to ask which buttons to press correctly! Black governed South Africa is doomed.

  2. London and Birmingham will look like that in 10 years. Guaranteed.
    Notice from the video how many good Jewish businesses went down the gurgler! It says something about Jewish stupidity that they will destroy their own for the sake "of the good of the Jews". Their mentality is not far short of that of the negro of which they share DNA ! Same thing occurred in 1930s Germany. You have only got to look at Gaza. How stupid can you get!
    Once the Blacks and Browns move in what that video shows becomes inevitable.
    Before this multi-culti situation is reversed, with no mercy on half castes and their parents and great-great grandparents (they have to be repatriated), we have to have tribunals and firing squads. The Jews are just doing what comes naturally to them. Those facing the firing squads are the Shabbos Goy and Crypto Jews who have pretended to be Goy such as Jack Straw, more than actual Jews, and the list is long!
    The penalty for treason has always been death.
    No mercy for Shabbo Goy who has taken the money and turned our country into a multi cultural shit hole!
    .........Then the clean-up. We do away with Usury altogether......Banks as we know them are gone........!