The 14 Words

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Cross

Men must endure
Their going hence even as their coming hither;
Ripeness is all. Come on.
-from King Lear
While in the midst of untold bloodshed and slaughter, perpetuated by blacks against whites, the white people of the European nations are intensifying their worship of blacks. Why? We go against God and every human instinct in the human heart when we worship the negroes, yet white people continue to worship them. Certainly negro worship represents a return to Baal, but it is also something much worse than mere paganism. White negro-worship is a blending, the type of blending that is condemned in The Revelation of St. John, of Christianity and paganism.

A Christ-less Christianity provides a religious energy to negro worship that mere paganism could never equal. For example, I recently saw a four-year old film clip of a young white woman weeping when she learned the news that a particular negro basketball player was leaving her city to play for another city. She wept at the foot of the cross for her savior who was dead. The clip was run in conjunction with recent film of fans welcoming this same negro basketball player’s return to their city. “The King has returned”: he rose from the dead, and came home, where he will sit on the right hand of god the father almighty, to judge the living and the dead for their sins of racism. One news commentator said it outright: “If this story does not stir your heart, you are a racist.” But aren’t all white people racist; haven’t we all sinned against the negro gods? Even white people who don’t think they are racist are really racist, the liberals now tell us, because in fact, “the most dangerous racist is a white who doesn’t even know he is racist”. In lieu of that terrible new finding of the liberal experts, it’s best, when worshipping at the feet of the negro gods, to say that one is truly sorry not only for every overt racist thought and action, but also for the unknown sins of racism. “For these racist sins and the racist sins of my entire life, I am heartily sorry. Please forgive me my sins.” That perverse, blasphemous prayer is the prayer of the new and improved white man.


  1. Hi John,
    Heading up the M6. Stop at a "Services" in the Lake District. Order a Cappuccino and pull out my Ipad to see what Hardon's Blog is saying. This is what I get instead
    Web Page Blocked
    Access to the web page you were attempting to access, has been blocked by the Web URL Filtering Service
    If you feel the page should be allowed please contact our support team on 0871 909 9981."
    Thought you might like to know.......
    That is also a number you have to pay THEM to make the call.

  2. HI mchawe, thanks for the tip-off, I presume that you can still access this Blog through your home ISP?

    Unless their is a dramatic change blogs like this will be inaccessible after the next General Election, I put an article about that on here the other day. The way it's going 'bloggers' like me will end up in 'Labour Camps' or with a bullet in the head and I'm not being flippant when I say that.

    If you want to see our future look at what is going on in Gaza right now and I'm no friend of Muslims, far from it. The Jew hates every Goy whether he be Muslim (of course militant Muslims are working for the Jew), Christian, Atheist, Pagan or even if he believes in shape-shifting Reptiles (watch out David Icke, you may think that the Jew will be kind to you for spreading disinformation but they will come for you to).


  3. I'm able to access your blog everywhere else, no problem.
    If they do that, the action will go from the blogs to the streets, and they know it.